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newsmaker n. One whose actions consistently make news headlines, who effects the course of public discourse and creates an impact in Malaysian politics, for better or worse.

According to the Chinese almanac, 2006 is the Year of the Dog and true enough, we heard the growls and saw teeth being bared.

The last 365 days have left a scar on our beloved prime minister. His trademark broad grin has narrowed, to the point that some believe it now resembles a frown.

Things have not exactly been peachy for the First son-in-law either. The Oxford-trained lad hit several bumps along the road in what was supposed to be a smooth ride to the pinnacle of power.

Both Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Khairy Jamaluddin were nominees for the malaysiakini ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ award, but failed to unseat a maverick who simply would not roll over and play dead.

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