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COMMENT | The pak turuts and self-censorship

"I always read about Islam, but I have learnt my lesson. I will keep away from Islam and not write anything about Islam in the future, that would be the best."

- Uthaya Sankar SB (above)

COMMENT | Uthaya Sankar SB’s self-censorship is a lesson that every non-Malay citizen of this country has learnt.

The state has done an extremely good job in reminding non-Malays that there are consequences for “provoking” the majority when it comes to racial and religious issues.

In newsrooms across the country non-Malay journalists, dilettantes, and the non-Malay corporate interests that control them impose self-censorship whenever it comes to issues that may touch upon race and religion.

As someone who has unfairly earned a reputation for being anti-Islam and anti-Malay in my depictions of race relations in this country – I am supposedly also anti-DAP – it should surprise nobody that I too practice self-censorship.

I do this because the livelihoods of people...

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