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YOURSAY | Najib’s 94 grounds are perhaps unnecessary verbosity

YOURSAY | ‘If Najib ever serves his 12-year jail term, it would be the miracle of the century.’

SRC case: Najib’s full 94-ground petition of appeal

Courts used own logic, contrary to evidence - Najib in appeal petition

IndigoKite6964: What will your response be if someone is asked what happened and their response begins with a long story? Or if asked why they were late for work and it takes 30 minutes to have it articulated?

Here, there are 94 points why the High Court and subsequently the Court of Appeal got it wrong. It appears that former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is fighting for his life, doing his best to wiggle out, the last kick, so to say.

So, he needs a counsel from our colonial masters to argue the 94 points and hopefully, one point works and the whole case against him is discharged not amounting to an acquittal? Just fishing for a technicality?

I call that fishing in a pail of water. Besides, what a shame that Najib’s lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah needs the help of a Queen Counsel to join Najib in this fishing expedition. Shafee is plainly declaring there is a knot in his fishing line and it is stuck.

To say that the one-man High Court judge is wrong, that’s one thing. To say a three-member panel voting unanimously to uphold the High Court’s judgment is wrong? That’s quite another thing.

Ah well, he has the money, which could well be ours, to defend himself to the hilt. I confess, I read three lines of his defence and felt I have better use of my time. I wonder if the Federal Court judges would feel the same.

Hrrmph: Ninety-four grounds? The more grounds in an appeal means the more valid the appeal is?

Indeed, it is highly improbable the judges made so many mistakes. Hence the lengthy appeal suggests that most of the grounds are unnecessary verbosity or cooked-up frivolities.

In all manner of science, the shortest and most efficient way to a destination or objective is lauded and preferred. Is it that, in law, bombast and dressing up of the facts and truth is the way to go?

Hang Babeuf: When an appeal rests upon and cites 94 grounds of appeal, you can be sure that none of those grounds is very strong or plausible - and that the appellant's lawyers know it!

Najib can add a further 95th ground of appeal: his nasi lemak breakfast last week was not very good - and it's all the court's fault too!

Betul Malu Bukan Maluapa: The trial of former Goldman Sachs manager Roger Ng in New York, US took only eight weeks to conclude in which Ng was found guilty on all three counts of money-laundering and criminal charges relating to the 1MDB global financial scandal.

But the court case of this convicted felon, Najib, continues after four years.

IndigoJaguar7545: It’s a horrible indictment of our entire system that it took an unprecedented election and so many years to reach this stage. It is as if the Malaysian institution hates the Malaysian people.

To hell with all Umno MPs who supported Najib through the 14th general election, including “saints” like Azalina Othman Said and Khairy Jamaluddin.

To hell with all Umno prime ministers who desecrated our Constitution and gutted the judiciary, including Pakatan Harapan’s one-time “leader” Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

To hell with every spineless, cheap, and corrupt public servant who protected the above.

This country needs a political revolution by the people, organising against them all. If those in power don’t fear the law, make them fear the people.

If Najib ever serves his 12-year jail term, it would be the miracle of the century.

Vijay47: Despite the façade of nonchalance and supreme confidence that Najib publicly puts forth to impress his flock of the ignorant gullible, the pressures of local and international challenges haunting him are beginning to take their toll.

From his previous delusions, his condition seems to have worsened into a persecution complex, a not unusual result since a persecution complex often accompanies prosecution anxiety.

Everybody appears to have their knives out for him. On the legal front, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, and perhaps even the postman all seem to bear some inexplicable grudge towards him.

Not only that, the judiciary has taken leave of their wisdom by resorting to logic, contrary to evidence, in first finding him guilty and later maintaining that decision.

What did he do wrong? He is hardly to be blamed if fabulous sums flowed into his arms without his knowing about it. Surely, he cannot be faulted for his popularity which drives otherwise sane people into depositing billions into his bank account, generosity that a fellow politician claims to have personally witnessed.

Even fate has done him in by appointing unqualified judges to try him. Perhaps the only one who could truly understand the mysterious appearance and disappearance of his money would have been David Copperfield.

The Federal Court is the end of the road. It is highly unlikely that the countless decisions are all going to be overturned. It is also highly improbable that the gentleman from Pekan will continue to enjoy any benefit of doubt, thanks to a renegade hiding in Manchester to add to United’s woes.

When the Armani is discarded, believe me, a good time will be had by all.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Ninety-four grounds of appeal? It looks like it will be a rehash of the High Court and Court of Appeal trials, and this time the Court of Appeal judges may come under severe criticism.

But I am sure at least one of the 94 grounds will stick. Good luck to you, Bossku.

Congratulations on filing the appeal petition on time. We now look forward to a timely final verdict on this long-drawn-out case. The US only took two months with Roger Ng and here we are taking four years and still counting. And it's time for the next general election.

Time does fly, and here’s hoping it will bring winds of change a la pre-GE14.

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