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YOURSAY | ‘RM30,000 a month for doing nothing’ shows rot in the system

YOURSAY | ‘Sidek is only part of the corrupt system for the benefit of certain people.’

MP to Mohd Sidek: Here's something you can do, return RM30k wages

I was never invited to any meetings - former 1MDB board member

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak practices “cash is king”. I mean not his money but taxpayers' money.

Mohd Sidek Hassan, the former chief secretary of the government, by his own admission, received an allowance higher than his official salary (as the then chief secretary) for doing nothing, but his conscience doesn't prick him.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the dumbed-down masses who believe they are their saviours and protectors against the “pendatangs” who work and earn the money they squander. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Malaysia is governed by the supreme race with religious fervour and threats.

Still, we are nowhere near Sri Lanka, a failed state. Malaysia is an economic and social engineering marvel. I guess the key is adherence to true religious faith. No wonder the civil service is so screwed up.

I am glad I saw the rot and resigned. I 'donated' my pension to the government. I would be ashamed to receive it even if offered. I am not of such 'integrity' as Sidek. He has abused the term 'gaji buta' to an utter disgraceful level, where even animals fear to tread.

Meanwhile, army veterans who recently protested on the streets are drawing a pension below poverty levels.

MVA: We learn two important things with this admission. The first is that top civil servants could earn much more than their civil service salaries and allowances by being ex-officio members of boards and committees as well as positions in government-linked companies (GLCs).

The second is setting up corporations to divert government funds for political purposes appears to be the norm rather than the exception during BN’s time, and top civil servants never questioned these practices.

The civil servants’ additional appointments made them complacent and look the other way whenever there is wrongdoing.

YellowGecko9040: Sidek is just one of many. What would you do if you were offered a contract to be a director in any of these GLCs then and be paid a large amount of money?

I am sure the majority would have taken the offer.

But the next problem arises. You suddenly realise that you don’t get called for any meetings with the board of directors. Alarm bells should have rung.

Did you ask the other directors why this is so? Once the suspicion sets in, as the then chief secretary of the government, you should have resigned if there was no adequately suitable explanation given.

You should have been aware that these actions were abnormal and were likely evidence of some improper conduct happening under your nose. You can’t just ignore it like an ostrich with your head buried in the sand.

Freethinker: Why focus only on Sidek for getting a salary for doing nothing? Aren't all political appointments by certain parties like this?

He is only part of the corrupt system for the benefit of certain people. Since when are such appointments based on merit?

Perhaps we should all look deeper and not only at Sidek. He had to disclose this because Sidek was testifying before judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah who is presiding over the trial against Najib for four counts of abuse of power and 21 counts of money laundering involving RM2.28 billion of 1MDB's funds.

Otherwise, who would openly admit such a sweetheart deal?

All Things Considered: I am wondering what foreigners reading this news will be thinking. Is this a country of dumb fools, corrupt and utter idiots?

It is high time Malaysians thought about where this country is heading. The top civil servant received an additional RM30,000 a month for shaking his legs at home and keeping his mouth shut for all the shenanigans happening with public funds by the former prime minister.

Meanwhile, the poor Mak Cik and Pak Cik are toiling on the roadside to sell kueh and nasi lemak to feed their families, and the ordinary Chinese and Indians work their guts out to give their children a decent education.

When are the Malays going to realise they are being screwed every day by the Malay elites and their non-Malay cohorts both in the government and private sector? God help this cursed nation.

PinkCougar9549: When the chief secretary of the government allows the then prime minister to make use of his name and position to secure tens of billions in loans guaranteed by the government, he is an immoral man.

How can Malaysia have so many shameless, greedy and selfish top leaders? And yet voters choose them. If you are still poor, you deserve it.

GanMu: It’s people like Sidek and many others who chose to remain blind, dumb and deaf in return for emoluments that Najib could proceed smoothly with his diabolical 1MDB plan.

Sidek was the top civil servant who should have come to the country's rescue and protected its interests.

Politicians come and go, but not civil servants who are supposed to be loyal to the country they serve.

Harimau1: Sidek has tarnished his career record. He compares poorly with the likes of the late Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid, who even in retirement, towered above the rest.

GreenViper4010: Will Sidek be another candidate for the “Nazir Razak solution”?

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