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Top Glove family's offshore holdings a contrast to alleged workers woes
Editor’s Note: This article was intended for publication in October 2021, as part of the coverage on the Pandora Papers but was held back after Top Glove's executive chairperson Lim Wee Chai sought an injunction order against its publication by Malaysiakini. It is published today following the settlement of the court case, with relevant updates.

This note earlier stated Top Glove had sought the injunction. The error is regretted. The article is also amended to add Top Glove's response to the Yubrav Khadka matter. 

PANDORA PAPERS | In 2020, Malaysia’s largest surgical glove manufacturer Top Glove fired and deported one of its employees, Yuvaraj Khadka, 29, from Chhintang, Dhankuta, back to Nepal on the charge of leaking information about the alleged exploitation of workers.

In 2012, Khadka, then 20, had gone to Malaysia for foreign employment paying NPR 120,000 (RM4,340) to a recruitment agent with the dream of supporting the family financially.

There, he started working at Top Glove. He alleged that the company did not pay his salary and overtime payment in a clear violation of the Malaysian government’s rule. Still, Khadka did not quit his job.

After working for nine years, the company fired him last year on charges of leaking information and sent him back home.

Khadka’s ‘crime’ was taking pictures of migrant workers working in crowded conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once the photo was made public on social media, the company immediately revoked his labour contract and sent him back to Nepal, making him pay for his own plane ticket, he told...

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