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YOURSAY | When the arc of justice fails to bend towards Umno

YOURSAY | ‘Perhaps, in Umno’s court, hearsay evidence is held to be the truth.’

Apex court ruling on Najib's new evidence does not sit well with Umno

Vijay47: First of all, Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the whole nation is grateful that "Umno will not interfere with court affairs.”

This respect for the judiciary, unexpected as it must be, is heartening that the courts will be allowed to continue unfettered and unmolested.

The public is also impressed that you and your sidekick, Umno deputy chief Mohamad Hasan, seem very familiar with and well-founded in the intricacies of legal complexities.

If I may be allowed to advise, Zahid, I would suggest that you do not consume all your energies right now. They would be more acutely required when you shortly have your own battles to fight.

Believe me, 47 charges are no laughing matter. I am sure you know that.

R Venugopal: Do you think a layperson will be given all the privileges extended to Najib? It is time that people learn that you cannot escape the truth.

Delaying the courts from making their judgment on this case has happened many times in the past. Let us face the truth and accept the punishment for the crimes committed.

Newday: Umno chiefs, exactly where have the shortcuts to justice happened in this case? The court case has been going on for almost four years.

Over 300 pages of judgment have been handed down and the decision upheld by the appellate court. All opportunities have been given to Najib to defend himself.

At the 11th hour, Najib attempted to bring in the so-called conflict of interest evidence which has been public knowledge for years.

Yet he insisted that this public information had been deliberately concealed from the defence. It is a lie that the Federal Court saw straight through.

All of you in Umno senior positions have abused the law to suit your purpose for many years. Now that it is being applied without fear or favour, you complain.

As a layperson, I see your statement as basically contempt for the highest court in the land. Your ‘social media king’ appears to be going down the gurgler.

BlueMouse0551: Court of Appeal judge Mohd Nazlan Ghazali was an employee of Maybank where he carried out the functions and responsibilities entrusted and expected of his position.

In the SRC International court case, he was the High Court judge assigned to hear the case immaterial of the fact he was an employee of Maybank during the time of the SRC dealings, and all parties had full knowledge of his employment and functions before Najib's case was heard.

The honourable justices of the Federal Court are correct to say that they cannot establish any evidence of bias or conflict when the judgment was made.

In this matter, Nazlan ensured justice wasn't just done, he had also ensured that it was seen to be done.

YellowShark2197: "Mohamad Hasan said all evidence must be considered and not set aside on technical grounds."

The Federal Court knows better what evidence is to be considered and whether such additional evidence would have altered the guilty verdict.

As a leader, if you have any sense of responsibility towards the nation and its judicial system, you should keep your mouth shut and not make this sort of remark.

Unless you do not mind bringing down the whole nation just to save Najib.

IndigoTrout2522: “Umno will not interfere with court affairs,” said Zahid.

Stick with this statement and stop making other remarks to criticise the court. Najib has already been found guilty and convicted, and this is a final appeal process.

The Federal Court is to determine if the High Court judge and Appeal Court judges were correct in making their decision.

So, stop interfering with the justice system. I hope the chief justice and her four judges will stand firm and proceed to wrap up the case.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Perhaps, in Umno’s court, hearsay evidence is held to be the truth. But, going by the proven lies by its leaders, it’s not just hearsay that is accepted, lies as well.

How did a party, helmed by three founding fathers who were lawyers, come down to this level of rubbish?

Clever Voter: Umno has for decades been given much political patronage. With deep resources, its influence runs deep.

The case involving ex-PM is significant, not only the judiciary has to uphold its rule of law but the integrity of the justice system.

It is even more important that in cases involving tainted Umno leaders, they must be managed responsibly and effectively.

Esviel: While these chest-thumping comments by Umno leaders may appear to be in support of Najib, in reality, they may be an involuntary reaction to the re-discovered independence of the judiciary.

The High Court, Court of Appeal, and now the Federal Court, have all shown that they cannot be influenced by demands, threats, and theatrics.

As for me (and possibly most Malaysians), I never thought I will see the day the courts regain glory like what we experienced during Lord President Mohamed Suffian Hashim's time. Bravo judges!

Hang Babeuf: "Umno will not interfere with court affairs. However, we believe that justice need not only be done but it must be seen to be done," said Zahid.

Please, Zahid, don't make me laugh.

It hurts too much.

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