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YOURSAY | ‘The chief justice is not her husband’s keeper’

YOURSAY | ‘What are we - a nation of laws or a nation of thugs?’

As Najib faces setbacks, ex-PM supporters target CJ's family

George Lourdesamy: So, if Chief Justice (CJ) Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat's husband had supported ex-prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, would that be acceptable to Najib and Umno? The CJ is not her husband's keeper.

This alleged Facebook posting (by CJ's husband Zamani Ibrahim in which he expressed happiness that Najib was "dethroned") was in 2018 and that is his personal opinion.

Like all Malaysians, he is entitled to his opinion. At that point in time, the current CJ was not even the CJ or in the running to become CJ.

Judges have taken a constitutional oath to uphold the rule of law and to dispense justice without fear or favour based on law and evidence. They do not discuss their cases with their spouses or defer to the views, opinions and sentiments of their spouses.

Extraneous factors are irrelevant to judges. Most judges operate behind a Chinese wall at work and at home.

The attorney-general should issue a statement and put a stop to these attacks against the judiciary and threaten the relevant parties with criminal prosecution and contempt proceedings.

He is the custodian of public justice. The Bar Council should also be issuing a statement to defend the independence, impartiality and integrity of the judiciary against political attacks.

The CJ is not making decisions by herself. There are four other Federal Court senior judges sitting with her. They can always disagree with her.

So far, all their decisions have been unanimous and based on the law, facts and evidence. Nobody, including Najib and his family, is above the law.

If you have broken the law, you must accept the consequences. We are a nation of laws and not one governed by mob rule.

Vijay47: Much of the pro-Najib sentiments we see lately is only to be expected from those whose support can be bought for the price of a nasi lemak bungkus and whose intellect is worth even less.

I would grade even the attacks on the CJ and her husband as similar imbecilic grist for the humour mill.

For her part and filial piety aside, the protests by Najib's daughter Nooryana Najwa that “every single request from her father’s team was rejected by the court” merely proves that the coconut does not fall far from the durian tree.

All of these can be grouped under the category of “Simple Pleasures for Simple Folks”; you can laugh at them, or yawn in boredom and turn to the Sports Page.

Ever the optimist, I strongly believe the best is yet to come. Like the nasi lemak his supporters are treated to, Najib’s case is equally well and truly ‘bungkused’ (wrapped). No, not just the decision to reject but the icing expected to cover the judicial cake.

And you thought “national embarrassment” was the worst the court could come out with!

World Citizen: This is serious. What are we - a nation of laws or a nation of thugs? What is Umno doing about it, or is it also part of this mob?

If the nation's top judge can be threatened this way, what protection the ordinary citizens have?

But all this thuggery by the alleged thief's supporters should embolden the judges to carry on doing the right thing without fear or favour.

MarioT: If no action is taken against the smearing of our respected and learned judges and their families, then we are definitely heading towards anarchy.

No decent and law-abiding citizen will be spared because a crook is not given what he demands.

The rakyat cannot allow such campaigns to damage the country's reputation and international standing.

If a political party which governs the country can even make such adverse comments about the ongoing appeal procedures, then they have no respect whatsoever for the rule of law.

IndigoKite9694: Najib's supporters are people who would like to think he is innocent and choose to ignore every shred of information that has been revealed.

It must be a really difficult thing to do unless, of course, they benefited from his alleged crimes. Then it is self-explanatory.

In fact, they benefited enough to want him released and to be PM again. They want it so badly that they even attack the CJ's family. But this court has a panel of five senior judges, not just the CJ.

Can they be considered accessories to Najib's alleged crimes? I would think so. How else would explain the way they are sticking their proverbial necks out for him in the midst of all the facts that have been presented and is in the public domain?

SRMan: Everybody has a right to their opinion. The chief justice was not the one who posted the remarks. She is her own (wo)man and need not be swayed by what her other family members write or feel.

The bench comprises five members. No one makes the decision alone. So far, all the decisions made had been unanimous. So, what about the other four judges? Are they also angry with Najib?

Way To Go: There is nothing wrong with supporting Najib. Opinions can differ but the courts must be given the space and freedom to dispense justice.

There is a distinct difference between criticism and threat. Threats of violence and bloodshed meant to harm others are punishable crimes. These are cowards that are unable to accept the process of justice and punishment and the rule of law that governs the country.

Certainly, these threats and character assassinations are meant to intimidate the chief justice and her family. It is a calculated attack to tarnish her character and prevent her from exercising her authority.

These acts by anti-national elements are clearly a threat to the peace and harmony of the people. This is a matter for the police.

Cogito Ergo Sum: We are shocked! All this while, we only thought Najib was a thief. It appears that he is a thug to boot. And this thuggish behaviour is in all his family.

The police have apparently shown that they will not bite the hand that they also kiss. Where do we even start to bring change?

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