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COMMENT | Hadi wants you to vote Harapan for a corruption-free govt

“Sehinggakan, dalam kalangan mereka itulah yang menguasai ekonomi negara lalu menggunakannya bagi merosakkan politik, urusan pentadbiran dan kehakiman. Malah, mereka juga golongan yang paling besar merosakkan politik dan ekonomi negara, majoritinya daripada kalangan bukan Islam dan bukan bumiputera.”

– Abdul Hadi Awang said in his Facebook post

COMMENT | PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is angry. In his latest Facebook posting, he attempts to use the Quran to deflect all the corruption done by Malay uber alles political operatives and lay the blame squarely on the non-Muslim and non-bumiputera communities.

For the Malay uber alles political elites, non-Muslims are to blame for everything wrong with this country. For decades Umno, whenever they were in a tight political spot, blamed the non-Muslim/Malay communities, specifically the Chinese community.

These days with Malay leadership measured by which political operatives do not have a corruption scandal, the ketuanan ideology revolves around attempting to blame non-Muslims for the corruption of the Muslim political operatives.

Not only does Hadi use the Quran to justify this nonsense but he also, for some odd reason, believes that Muslim political operatives who are caught in corruption scandals are...

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