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YOURSAY | Dr M bears some blame for Najib's corruption

YOURSAY | ‘You, Mahathir, are as non-remorseful as Najib is now.’

Najib 'likely' to get pardoned, Dr M believes

MarioT: It is all because of you, Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Your twisted, radical and extreme policies of racialism have led to an influx of greedy and get-rich-quick schemers to amass great wealth when given the key to the vast reserves of the national treasury.

The free flow of easy money at their disposal became the national symbol of abject and undeterred corruption of even international fame.

I would assume you had known about it and the dire consequences the country is going to face if this uncontrolled plundering of the rakyat's money is allowed to persist.

Today, these corrupt practices in the government of a dominant Malay party, of which you were president in the past, have reached astronomical levels.

If those who are responsible for these crimes against the country are not charged and given the sentence besetting their crimes, then it is not long before we face economic and moral decay.

The 15th general election (GE15) will be the test of the rakyat's choice of either condoning these crimes in the name of race and religion or bringing about another change to save the country.

Mano: I remember reading how you, Mahathir, visited the late Lord President of the Federal Court, Mohamed Suffian Hashim, when he was very ill and cared for by his friends.

Albeit ill, he physically turned away from seeing you. I can imagine what he must have felt, having to see the face of a man who destroyed the judiciary.

If you had treasured and nurtured the great ones, we might have seen more of them doing greatness for the country. Instead, you treasured and nurtured the rotten ones, and we now see more of them, hell-bent on destroying the country.

You, Mahathir, are as non-remorseful as Najib is now.

OceanMaster: Mahathir, I wish I had the power to live in a multiverse, where in one universe you don't exist, and we will be able to see how Malaysia without you will look like.

I am very sure it will be much better than the mess we are in today.

Clever Voter: The establishment comprises elites who have a grip over the political and economic system of the country. Najib continued where Mahathir left off, refined the network, and established his own set of cronies.

The governance aspect of this country is appalling, to say the least. While in the private sector, much was spent to fulfil compliance to meet all sorts of standards.

This is the case when it comes to huge national projects, especially involving the 'orang atas' (higher-ups). Many rules were ignored, money went missing, and projects were intentionally mismanaged.

How then can Najib be singularly blamed? He, plus hundreds of others, ought to be thrown into jail.

Proarte: Mahathir is indirectly legitimising the executive’s ability to recommend the pardoning of criminals like Najib.

Why isn't Mahathir calling for the revamp of this provision in our Constitution which allows corrupt ruling elites to abuse the Constitution to pardon fellow corrupt elites?

How does the ability to pardon the executive of corruption protects our country from ongoing kleptocracy?

Hmmmmmmmm: What happens to all the loot if Najib is pardoned? Does he get to keep it? Doesn't he need to at least pay all of it back before a pardon can be considered?

Otherwise, what is there to stop our future PMs from emptying the national coffers, getting caught, pardoned and then returning to society as the richest man in the world?

That would be a legal form of money laundering.

Anonymous47029368: If a criminal who steals billions from his country, got caught and convicted for such, punished by the courts but he then shows no remorse at all, immediately gets a quick pardon because of his political influence, it just makes a mockery of the whole justice system in that country.

VS: Yes, why go through all this lengthy legal drama if he can be pardoned?

An ordinary Malaysian serves his full term in jail without any pardon for much a lesser crime than what this thief had committed.

Anonymous 1092837465: If that crook is pardoned, then to be fair, all other prisoners should be pardoned too, with prison and judiciary to close shop. I am sure most prisoners are lesser crooks than him.

If not for his wrongdoings, we would at least have much better hospital facilities and services.

Fed Up Bodoh Sombong: The main reason why it took so long to bring these high-profile cases to court is that these kleptomaniacs stole so much to put them in a position to corrupt many others to support them and even to protect them, and worse of all, took action against those who are pursuing the truth.

In this unethical, unreligious, racialist, undemocratic way of governing, these crooks learn it from you, Mahathir. Open your eyes and see what your Vision 2020 has brought us.

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