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YOURSAY | No union of the ummah, everyone out for themselves

YOURSAY | ‘There should be a fatwa banning the use of religion for political expediency.’

Bersatu or Umno? Veep insists PAS choosing both for 'ummah unity'

Way To Go: PAS could be wiped out if they don't piggyback on Umno/BN. They have no confidence in former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s Bersatu, though they are together in a coalition.

It is a matter of time before this politically and ideologically bankrupt party will go on its hands and knees to prostrate at its master's feet for the crumbs that fall from the Umno/BN table - all in the name of the ummah.

The ummah, whatever they represent, seem to be the scapegoats of these parasitical race-and-religious politicians whose only interest in them is to feather their own nest.

Interestingly, the clarion call for race, religion and ummah unity was the same excuse used to undermine the democratically-elected Pakatan Harapan government, the Sheraton coup and the backdoor power grab by those racists and bigots.

But once they grabbed backdoor power, they began squabbling over perks, privileges and positions, constantly bickering and at loggerheads, like a fallout among thieves.

Now this same clique that pulled off the Sheraton Move coup wants to cooperate again in the run-up to the 15th general election in the name of race, religion and the ummah.

After the election, once the spoils are distributed, we can expect a repeat of the post-Sheraton posturing and bickering for more perks and positions, whereupon the ummah will be the first victim of these guardians of race and religion.

Faustus: “…the Islamist party has its fingers in too many pies” is a strongly critical statement by Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi concerning PAS.

He may have a fair point arguing that PAS may be at a disadvantage nationally as Umno has a reasonably glorious track record of protecting Malay rights to date.

Does he worry that the PAS leadership increasingly wants more positions as well as increasing persuasion in the scheme of things? Are there concerns about fundamental baseline values, including abuse of power, etc?

Pertaining to PAS, it’s obviously in its interests, and especially of its leaders, to exploit the disarray in Malay-only parties and entrench its interests in securing increasing numbers of elected leadership. PAS is no longer a backwater entity confined to a couple of states.

The various human development efforts and especially those with a religious perspective that started from the times of former prime minister Dr Mahathir’ Mohamad's leadership has made an impact nationally.

This is obvious now, that it inadvertently and perhaps also unexpectedly, gave rise to an assertive PAS. Faith has many potentials for persuasion during times of betrayal and stress.

Andersonian: Before the election, everyone should all go solo. ‘Perpaduan ummah’ is aimed at getting the numbers without having a proper coalition or framework.

PAS can be the most accommodating. As long as they can criticise non-believers, it is enough. Umno and Bersatu are gunning at each other as both aspire to the same thing - money and power.

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak raised the bar to a whole new level of kleptocracy.

We should not wait until the country becomes bankrupt (specifically the government) to realise the severity of corruption. Any distress in parts of our society will have an impact on the entire country.

JazliSalleh: There should be a fatwa banning the use of religion for political expediency. It makes a mockery of the sanctity of religion and is misused for political opportunism.

Many of them have used religion to cover their tracks after committing corrupt acts, hatemongering, misuse of positions and abuse of power. If religion could be used simply to protect these wrongdoers, it would be a tragedy.

Religion has been around for thousands of years to bring goodwill, love, care and instil moral values. But these unscrupulous political elites have used it time and again in Malaysia to do the exact opposite. A real tragedy indeed.

Kawak: PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad is not even a member of Parliament. He is a PAS senator and was appointed a minister after PAS sacked former plantation industries and commodities minister Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali.

After tasting the perks and glamour that come with a ministerial post, he just cannot afford to lose it. In fact, all PAS MPs, including PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, in the present BN/PN government, are fearful of losing their government positions without Umno's support.

The call for unity of the ummah is just a stunt to achieve their selfish motive.

YellowRusa5552: PAS on its own has no vision or programme to uplift the economic well-being of the nation and is constantly doing social re-engineering of society to conform with their perceived religious values.

The Malay heartland of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah are diehard PAS bases and it is hoped that the "ignorant" youths of these states can save the country from these religious leaders who are robed in white but with a taste for power, materialism and wealth.

When there is a threat to their earthly desires, these religious leaders will have no hesitation to invoke the wrath of God on their followers.

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