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COMMENT | Rain or floods will not stop our young voters
COMMENT | In recent weeks, we have been bombarded by news and rumours about the possibility of a general election happening very soon. It’s keeping everybody at the edge of their seats.

Even the looming monsoon season when floods hit Malaysia doesn’t seem to be stopping these news and rumours. If the general election happens during the monsoon season, there is a risk that it might affect voter turnout.

So here’s the deal. How long do you think the folks who are a little bit older, say around 60 years old and above, will have on this earth and living in Malaysia?

If we look at the average lifespan of a Malaysian, it would roughly be around 15 years. Now compare that to those who are 18 years old. They would have more than 50 years to live and conduct life.

So who has more at stake when it comes to how Malaysia progresses in the future? Logically thinking, it would be the youth. So, it is apt that Malaysia has reduced the voting age to 18 earlier this year.

I teach undergraduates on a regular basis and...

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