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COMMENT | Inquest over, still no justice for man shot dead by cop

COMMENT | On Jan 10, 2023, at the end of the inquest into the police shooting death of Kathir Oli, the coroner delivered an “open verdict”. In essence, it meant that no one was found to have to answer for his death.

It was a great disappointment to his family, friends, and concerned members of the public. It failed to offer closure to his family who had waited about 10 years for an inquest to be called to clear the name of the son they had lost.

Kathir was shot dead after midnight on Sept 15, 2011. He and his friends had gone to a pub in Ipoh for a drink but were denied entry. This led to a brawl; glasses were thrown and the pub’s door was broken before both sides withdrew.

After that, the Perak police chief (CPO) held a press conference in the morning - less than 12 hours after the shooting - along with a sensational splash in the media of armed robbery at a pub using parangs; of an injured detective who had to shoot and kill in self-defence; and of three accomplices who had been arrested and remanded on charges of attempted murder.

In a letter to the CPO a month after the incident...

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