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COMMENT | Now we know why the Malay community needs protection and Islam must be defended.

Both need protection from former prime ministers and senior politicians, all of whom are of Malay stock and facing charges of corruption.

If the allegations are proven true, then the money which the convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, stole from the rakyat is a loose change compared with that involving a recent former prime minister.

For many decades, affirmative action policies gave the Malay political elite the licence to cheat and rob their own people. By abusing various laws like the ISA, Sosma, UUCA(1971) and the Sedition Act, those who dared to speak out were silenced.

One aim of the New Economic Policy (NEP) in the early 1970s was to give the Malays a chance to improve their economic plight and to 'catch up' with the other races.

It started off fine and the Malay middle class did grow bigger; but then, a plan was hatched by...

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