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YOURSAY | LGBT deserve same legal protection as rest of us

YOURSAY | ‘They should not be persecuted but love and help them.’

Nga roasted for 'harmful' remarks against LGBT community

Newday: Ignorance leading to fear drives these harmful conversations and comments about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community.

What will be the outcome? More persecution, more bashings, and more hysteria. What percentage of our population is the ignorant frothing about? One percent? Less than?

Meanwhile, we divert from real statistically high society ills like dangerous and careless driving leading to much death and injury, the scourge of syabu ruining lives and driving up domestic violence, and the behind-closed-doors attitude to child abuse in religious schools.

Do we need to start talking about the hypocrisy of conservatives that present pious demeanours in public, but party up at karaoke or go abroad to get their taste of decadent life?

I would much prefer the conversation to expose this than over-the-top hysteria about LGBTQ.

OrangePanther1466: Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming has an interesting perspective and comments that I can find no fault in.

Not officially supporting any LGBT initiatives does not mean the government is denying the rights of the community to exist.

It is a societal issue that needs a careful balancing between the wants of the LGBT community versus the larger society’s readiness to openly accept and discuss LGBT issues. Take it to another extreme, is our society ready to accept same-sex marriages? I think not.

However, as human beings and fellow Malaysians, the community deserves all the protection and privileges under the law. They are no more in danger than you and me when we go about our daily lives as the same set of laws protects us all.

I had always felt that Sisters in Islam is rational, moderate, and responsible in their views, comments and approach. I laud the group for their good work in promoting religion within a multi-racial and multi-religious society like ours.

Steven Ong: "The government will never support a single LGBT programme in the country,“ Nga said. I support this stand as supporting and being friendly are two stands very wide apart.

However, as they are equally humans, they should not be persecuted, prosecuted, hated or avoided but love and help them.

The excuse that they are being hated, persecuted, and prosecuted and so need no more additional harsh statements by politicians, is irrelevant as the bad treatment of LGBT is solely due only to certain groups.

They had been taught to hate, persecute and prosecute the LGBT and other things deemed not good.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was right when he said his government will not recognise LGBTs and Nga was also correct to say the government will never support any LGBT programme.

Not recognising and not supporting is not a rejection of the LGBT existence. It’s the government’s stand on LGBT. But the government should not further put pressure on the LGBT but educate the people to accept and help them.

Anonymous_16040: It was totally unnecessary for Nga to drag in the LGBT community. You must not think you know everything. A wise man thinks what he says, a fool says what he thinks.

Next time talk only when you know the full facts otherwise shut up and keep learning. It is not a choice. And you cannot acquire or choose to turn into an LGBT, do you know that?

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