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YOURSAY | Gomez, not everything PM does is electioneering

YOURSAY | 'It's not electioneering since dates for state polls not known yet'

‘PM’s extra funds for battleground states a form of electioneering’

JW: Never thought I would disagree with Terence Gomez. Why, just this morning, he was reported as criticising the government and Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for keeping Azam Baki as head of MACC for another year. Yes, indeed, why.

But not even before this day ends, I have to take strong exception to Gomez (above) here. Yes, we all know state elections are due soon. But when exactly, it is still unknown, especially to the general public. This is significant. Why?

For one, how could Gomez reject what Anwar is doing as PM by supporting or promoting the many projects?

Surely, he does not expect Anwar to stop because whatever he says or does can, according to Gomez's logic, be considered electioneering simply because state elections are due soon. However, when is it exactly is still unknown.

Gomez needs to know there is a line separating electioneering and non-electioneering activities.

Otherwise, if a PM were to do stuff like Anwar, he would be accused by Gomez of electioneering even if federal polls were a year away.

Heck, the minute someone becomes a PM, especially someone newly installed, the very things he/she says or does right away can be considered electioneering even though the next election is not due until four or five years down the road.

Indeed, what's wrong with that? Is that not part of the political game? If not, how would any PM or politician be able to build a track record that can support their intention of working for the good of the nation? Or does Gomez not believe in that, too?

Where the line of electioneering versus non-electioneering is to be drawn is when declarations for the state elections have been announced with the dissolution of the current state government.

Once this kicks in, electioneering activities during this period will amount to what is already well-known - vote buying that typically favours the incumbent. And it would stand to reason to outlaw such activities, especially vote buying. Does this not make better sense, Gomez?

After all, assuming that state elections are one month away or further away, does Anwar not risk the rakyat forgetting all the so-called electioneering activities he has been accused of engaging in now?

Apanama is back: This allocation has nothing to do with whether the state government will be dissolved or not.

In your comment, you mentioned, “Yes, we all know state elections are due soon. But when exactly it is still unknown…”

Don’t you know all the state chief ministers and menteri besar had agreed to dissolve their respective state assemblies around the end of June 2023? Polls will surely be held by mid-July 2023.

Giving development funds is not confined only to the period after the dissolution of Parliament or state assemblies.

The six state elections are due, thus no development funds should be given now and also upon dissolution of the state assemblies.

The PM could do so after the state elections are over. Why hurry now in the name of Raya celebrations when the actual motive is the coming state elections? Of course, the PM and the cabinet will keep quiet.

Gomez is correct in the sense of integrity and governance. This is not ideal. Malaysians are not used to this kind of governance because of “tidakapaisme”.

The country has a long way to go as far as integrity and governance are concerned.

VioletGoose0930: Come on, let's be blunt and honest. Everything an administration does, for better or for worse, depending on whose perspective, can be deemed electioneering.

The annual budget is designed for development programmes as seen fit by the administration.

Every state wants more, some receive more and some receive less. Cut out the allegations simply because it’s close to an election.

You are entitled to your presumptions, the administration is entitled to their discretion, so live and let live.

Reset: An objective analyst will need to be objective, fair, and pragmatic too. There may be a perception that the recent announcement by Anwar may be to get ready for upcoming state elections.

However, as long as the projects are aligned with real needs of the rakyat, it should not be viewed as a violation of Reformasi.

If the analyst would like to pick on this, he should then ask himself what is a fair playing field, especially when Perikatan Nasional (PN) is using racial and religious sentiment for their political gain.

During the previous PN government, there was obvious and direct “handouts” to the rakyat before the election. No doubt, we hold higher expectations on the unity government but there is a fine line Anwar and team will need to walk to ensure the country does not fall into the hands of religious and racial extremists.

Abba: Electioneering or not, 'tis the season to be jolly. Hari Raya season.

The rakyat need a joyous break from the last four to five years of a double traumatic experience, that is political upheaval and the tragic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is nothing wrong in announcing additional funds to the states concerned. It is a way to tell the rakyat that the government of the day hears them and will help them directly. The Madani government cares for the people’s wellbeing.

Mr Gomez, you are stuck in a time trap. Time to take a break. Go to the Malaysia Madani Open House in Kelantan and the next one tomorrow and feel the pulse of the people who attend. It means a lot to them.

How sure are you that these additional funds will convert to votes in the coming state elections? Even if it does, it will be a good thing in the long run for the people of the states.

FairPerson: Dear Gomez, you are missing the forest for a tree. There is nothing absolute in anything, be it politics, economy, or governance.

You must see things objectively, not embarking on things you think is wrong without looking at the other side of the coin.

Yes, Anwar is doing this to gain popularity and win the Malays to his side. It is part of electioneering. Anything wrong?

Are you not one of the beneficiaries if Anwar consolidates his power and wins all six states? Don't you agree that if Anwar can consolidate power he can do more for the country and people?

You got a lot to write about PN/PAS, its leaders its policies, and how they run their states. Why don’t you highlight all those mismanagement, cronyisms, and religious bigotry that will be part of your service to the country?

Stop criticising Anwar at least for some time. Give him space to do what he wants to do for the country.

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