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Panasonic claims workers defrauded it of millions, court finds otherwise

Editor’s Note: The following article has been amended to include Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Bhd (PMMA)’s response, and to provide clarity that the closures involve multiple entities under the Panasonic group, and not PMMA alone. The error is regretted.

Malaysiakini yesterday reported that Panasonic group in Malaysia has begun sunsetting some of its manufacturing operations in the country, potentially leaving close to a thousand Malaysians jobless.

This includes Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Bhd (PMMA), which confirmed shutting down two manufacturing departments at its plant in Shah Alam.

Although PMMA said there is no link, the closures happened amid the manufacturing giant’s defeat in two separate lawsuits last year against its former suppliers, its executive director Chen Ah Huat...

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