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YOURSAY | Old horses still using race, religion for desperate quest

YOURSAY | 'Malays, Islam not at crossroads but merely exploited as war cries.'

Muhyiddin welcomes Mahathir's 'work together' remark

6th Generation Immigrant: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin are grasping at straws.

If they go ahead (and work together), they will be grasping each other at the end, and both will drown themselves deeper into their own created whirlpool.

The Malays and Islam are not at crossroads, but merely exploited as war cries by old and lamed horses - these tried and tested political vehicles (claiming that the Malay and Islam are threatened) failed some three elections ago.

Instead, they are thriving and improving stably under the unity government.

Mahathir and Muhyiddin are stale and mouldy politicians using Malay and Islam because they are both past their prime and have not been able to explore (perhaps unable to intelligently) how to serve the nation without the use of race and religion, a practice worldwide for able politicians.

Undecided: Any professional political pundit who did not see this collaboration coming between Mahathir and Muhyiddin (or Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional), does not deserve to be one.

Mahathir tried using Pejuang followed by Gerakan Tanah Air and then the Malay Proclamation in his attempt to regain power. All these moves apparently are not strong enough.

This is the last and final hope of going back to Bersatu with his tails behind him. Never mind the betrayal and the lack of principles as well as the indignity of helping those who betrayed him - the classic selfish ‘ketuanan’ (supremacy) mentality who use others without any sense of shame.

This is a fight to the end especially for Mahathir, his family, and his cronies. Hundreds of million will be used for this purpose and race/religion will be used to the tilt to achieve their desperate quest.

Multi Racial: What Malays in crossroad? The PM and deputies are Malay. The majority of cabinet ministers are Malay, and so are almost all senior government officers. The majority of CEOs and senior management of government-linked companies are also Malay.

What nonsense is he talking about? Perhaps not about Malays but about themselves and their personal loss of power. Now we have a Malay PM (Anwar Ibrahim) who is against corruption, and they are scared to death to face charges.

They know they cannot hide so they disguise the whole thing under the Malay struggle. I hope the majority if not all Malays by now have woken up to realise these former leaders have been screwing the nation's wealth for their own personal gain.

If they are innocent, I pray they will be cleared. But if they are guilty, I pray not just they will go to jail but heavily punished by God.

Proarte: Malays need to be saved from Mahathir, Muhyiddin, and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang. They are a threat to Malay advancement intellectually, economically, socially, and spiritually.

Ask a Malay what they need, and the reply would be "cheaper food, cheaper and better housing, good health care, good education, improved social care structures, particularly for the elderly and disabled, better town council services, a cleaner environment, increased salaries, freedom to worship without interference from the state and finally, politicians, the police, judges and religious leaders who are not corrupt".

Why did Mahathir the "champion of the Malays" lose his deposit in Langkawi in the last election? The reason is simple - which even the rural Malays in Langkawi know - he is a master deceiver and a fraud.

Madani Malaysia: How are you going to work for the Malay cause and unite the ummah if all three of you, Muhyiddin, Mahathir, and Hadi want to be party president and PM all at the same time?

Will the three of you agree to bury the hatchet and unite under one party with one party president and PM candidate? If not, any other Malay party that decides to join you will also want to preserve their party position and will want to be PM as well. Will this work?

Is this the way to set an example for the ummah? If you Malay Muslim leaders don't trust one another, will the ummah trust you?

All of you were there when the former Pakatan Harapan government was toppled (in 2020) in the name of the grand coalition of united Malay Muslim parties for the ummah.

What happened? Were the ummah united? And then now you are blowing the same trumpet again of uniting for the Malay cause. All of you want to ride the green wave for position and power. Doing the same thing and expecting different results

BlueMouse0551: Dear Mahathir, what is your real objective? Divide this country through race and religion? It must be noted, I had so much admiration for you in the 80s for your abilities and smart moves as then PM.

I feel that now you are playing with sentiments to cause disharmony among Malaysians. This is a dangerous political ploy if your intention is to bring destruction to your/our tanah tumpah darah kita (land on which our blood spills).

Our ancestors have played a major role in developing Malaysia and working towards enriching our economy and country.

Maybe, you must seriously think of the consequences of allowing your "bitterness" towards anyone or anything to control your mind, thoughts, and soul. In fact, at this age in life most people, especially those who don't succumb to greed and avariciousness, are living happily and peacefully.

Mahathir, you must break free from politics, give the younger generation a chance to govern, and allow them freedom for their full potential to show. Race and religion should never be condoned to divide our country.

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