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Yesterday, a two-year-old girl died after she was left alone in a vehicle for eight hours.

Apparently, the mother had forgotten to drop off the child at a kindergarten when she received a work-related call, causing her to drive off afterwards with the child still in the backseat of the car.

The child’s father found her unconscious hours later in the afternoon and went ahead to give her first aid while waiting for the ambulance. Sadly, she was declared dead upon reaching the hospital.

Last month, a 16-month-old girl died after her father left her in a car for hours.

He had taken her to the university campus where he worked but had forgotten to drop her off at the daycare centre on campus.

By late afternoon, having realised his “mistake”, the father rushed to the car and found his child unconscious. She was pronounced dead at the university healthcare centre.

In early October, an eight-month-old girl died when her mother...

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