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LETTER | Our own backyard stinks of human rights abuses

LETTER | Indonesia once again raises the alarm over injustices suffered by its citizens in Malaysia.

The outspoken Indonesian ambassador Hermono is reported by local media to have said that domestic Indonesian workers in Malaysia are still suffering from abuses and are in need of "prompt and decisive intervention".

As asserted, "approximately 90 percent of the complaints received by the Indonesian Embassy related to domestic helpers, signalling a distressing trend that requires an amicable resolution by Malaysian employers and stringent enforcement by authorities".

This is far too outrageous a crime against humanity.

Not only are Malaysians abusing foreign workers but the authorities' failure to redress this insane sin against fellow humans is totally unacceptable.

As a nation of people, we rally by the tens of thousands to stand by our leaders in support of the Palestinian disaster.

By the millions, we raise money and aid to rush to the war-torn zone in Gaza.

We bolster anti-semitism among schoolchildren to register the nation's support for Hamas whom we officially regard as "freedom fighters" and boldly proclaim that Malaysia will not regard Hamas as terrorists.

But where is our conscience? What is the quality of our moral standards?

Whatever happened to our religious proclamations and the Madani beacon that we believe is our saviour of nationhood?

When we cannot stop abusing foreign workers; when we continue to exploit foreign workers; when we regard migrant workers as at fault all the time; when we often think that foreign workers are obligated to Malaysia for giving them an economic lifeline - are we not evil?

For decades we have benefited from cheap, exploitable, silent, unprotesting migrant workers.

The inflow of migrant workers has been a pipeline for profiteering and corrupt, easy money-making.

From the solo cop to the mega corporate corridors we have known how Malaysians reaped easy money.

Are we not ashamed?

While we proclaim to the Muslim world that we will stand by the Muslim brotherhood in defence of Palestinians, we fail to ensure fellow Muslims from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc, are not exploited.

In fact, by the very fundamental criteria of humanity and human rights, we should never abuse fellow humans - of any religion, from any nation, of any sexuality.

And when we fail in this measure we have failed as a nation with loads of hypocrisy.

When will the day dawn upon our nation when migrant workers will salute us for our values and conduct?

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.