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YOURSAY | Pua’s case just the beginning of DAP’s troubles

YOURSAY | ‘Don’t keep quiet and expect it to be forgotten, it won’t.’

No disciplinary action against Pua over Najib sentence issue - Loke

Apanama is back: DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke, you could be the last nail in your party’s coffin or your statement could be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

I am trying to put myself in your shoes. We will forget that the MCA 2.0 label was given to DAP.

I am giving you at least the benefit of the doubt. I agree with some of your points.

However, as a cabinet member, beyond this statement, what are you going to do to avoid tension and opposition?

How are you going to handle former MP Tony Pua and the like?

Loke, there could be more upcoming controversial issues concerning Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, and his wife Rosmah Mansor in the months and years ahead. 

What has taken place now is just the beginning.

You cannot be issuing statements every time. Let’s say, the next issue is whether Najib will be given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA) on his pending cases.

Maybe he will be put under house arrest. A few months later, full pardon.

So the outcry, outbursts, backlashes, and sarcasm are bound to happen. You can’t seem to be able to handle it. 

Loke, do you know why you are in such a difficult spot?

It is because you have not drawn the line.

How far will DAP compromise with the Madani administration?

How far would you allow DAP to be taken for a ride by the Madani administration before they dump you?  

You had better meet up with your committee members and decide on DAP’s red line. 

Loke, the time has come for you to pull DAP out of this coalition. 

Please do not keep quiet without doing anything and expect it to be forgotten. It won’t.

People still remember the DNAA that was given to Zahid and other politicians.

Vijay47: Come on, Loke, you are making things worse for yourself and your party formerly known as DAP.

Firstly, why should Pua apologise?

You sound exactly like Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Razarudin Husain in seeming to have already concluded that Pua did something wrong or even criminal that demands an apology at the least.

What law did he break, what act of sedition did he commit?  

For crying out loud, the man was making a few jokes directed at no one in particular!  

So many politicians of various hues have made statements that were explicitly critical of the Pardons Board’s decision.

One even boasted that he tried hard to secure a full pardon, suggesting that the Board was vulnerable to outside influence.

Yet, neither you nor the IGP have anything to say about that. You have found only Tony Pua to be deserving of condemnation.

And please, spare me that rubbish that you most charitably will not take disciplinary action against Pua.

Your sole saving grace, if at all that, is that you injected some humour into the equation. But I am not laughing.  

Secondly and amazingly, you state that Pua should not have employed sarcasm in his comments!

I can’t believe this! Why ever not? That may be his preferred style of expressing himself. I am sure others do it also!

Since when did sarcasm become illegal? Next thing we know, you will say that anyone making a public statement should not use figures of speech or quadri-syllable words, a hit below the belt and preposterous as the idea may be.  

Loke, you are a meek hare running with the hounds and in service to the master, you gleefully throw Pua under the bus.

Bluemountains: DAP has forgotten that Pua played a big role in exposing the 1MDB scandal.

The DAP has forgotten that it was the people’s power that overthrew Najib’s regime and propelled it into office.

Even the blind know that it is this government that secured the partial pardon and discount for Najib without having to wait for his turn and without following due process.

To make matters worse, they try to justify their act by hiding behind the Agong.

How can this government show compassion to someone who stole from the people and burdened the nation with debts of more than RM50 billion (not including interest)?

The increased debt burden has caused the value of the ringgit to plunge, leading to high inflation and causing suffering to the people.  

Do you think people should continue to support this type of government?

Natozlighg: Loke, what disciplinary action against Pua are you talking about?

On the contrary, the voters will take action against you and the party for being silent like a church mouse over Najib’s partial pardon by voting you all out in the next general election.

There is no law if someone who stole millions gets convicted and pardoned after serving less than one-third of his sentence, he gets pardoned.

The best part is the same person gets to keep millions of stolen money. Where is the deterrent against committing crimes?

TTSH: The question should be - would DAP dare to take action against Pua? For what reasons?

Don’t just take the easy way out by throwing him under the bus. The worst leaders are those who do not stand by their people.

World Citizen: There is nothing for Pua to apologise for. He humorously spoke the truth and Najib’s cronies didn’t like it.

Instead of defending Pua, Loke is talking nonsense just like any sycophant would do to save his skin and position.

DAP has lost its way under Loke.

Truth: Disciplinary actions should be taken against DAP’s top guns for being quiet.

In comparison to what Ong Ming Kian said, Loke is the one who sounds like he is talking nonsense. 

So what is Loke’s and DAP’s stand on Pua?

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