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Lingam tape: Shame, shame, shame
Published:  Sep 21, 2007 1:16 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

This is a shame and it only has confirmed the 'rakyat's' suspicion that there is a system of patronage in the judiciary and in almost every hall of Putrajaya.

On Video links CJ to 'appointment fixing' scandal

Ah Chong: This is where the civil servants and the politicians and even the 'rakyat' fail to understand. Loyalty to the BN government is not loyalty to the country. We have sadly got it all wrong. Even distinguished judges and lawyers do not understand that their loyalty is not to a political party nor to its existence nor to its perpetuation of dominance.

The 'rakyat' should only be loyal to the King, the federal constitution and to the country. VK Lingam's commitment is not to the country. He served the PM and his agenda. He has failed to uphold the constitution and ensure the purity and sanctity of the judiciary.

This is a shame and it has only confirmed the 'rakyat's' suspicion that there is a system of patronage in the judiciary and in almost every hall of Putrajaya. This shall be the downfall of the nation if nothing is done.

The PM has to come out of his 'elegant silence' to address this issue of the lack of integrity and simple honesty within the government.

Peter Ooi: I used to have confidence in and have high regards for the judiciary. Maybe that confidence was instilled in me by the high integrity exhibited by the likes of former Lord Presidents Raja (now Sultan) Azlan Shah and Tun Suffian Hashim. I thought our present judges are of the same standing, until I saw the Lingam video.

I was utterly shocked to hear the content of the conversation for it really confirmed a lot of negative assumptions many have about our present judiciary. My confidence in the judiciary instantly disappeared into thin air.

Being an ordinary citizen, I now begin to wonder how I will ever get justice if I have a dispute with a well-connected person or a politician. As it is, it was implied that a local tycoon had a hand in the appointment of the CJ. What chance would an ordinary guy have against a tycoon in a Malaysian court of law?

Now that the truth is out, the chief judge concerned should resign in order to save the judiciary.

YSM: The good name of Malaysia has been soiled. Those involved should be prosecuted. This is a clear case of conspiracy.

Anwar Ibrahim should be vindicated and allowed to stand for elections in the next general elections, unless, of course, the BN government has lost all sense of decency and pride.

Ordinary Citizen: The fish rots from the head first. Our 'head rot' is more evident now than ever before. When will we, the headless chooks, wake up and say enough is enough?

On AG's report: Haul errant ministers before PAC

KSN: The most laughable, if not the most ignorant statement on the Auditor-General's 2006 Report came from, of all the people, the PAC chairperson! He told the media that it is not easy to identify the wrongdoers. Dear Mr PAC Chairperson, have you seen the annual estimates for Recurrent Expenditure and Development accounts?

At the beginning of the allocations by agencies, there are names of the secretaries-general, heads of departments etc who referred to as the Controlling Officers. They are the people responsible for properly controlling and disbursing all funds under their respective departments.

Your search for people answerable for public funds disbursed improperly should end with them. You should not look beyond and as PAC chairperson should know that. That is elementary in the allocation and control of public funds. Mr PAC Chairperson, please take note of this before your committee holds its next meeting.

On Pig farms: State gov'ts looking for excuses

PT Tan: I cannot but agree with Ronnie Liu's assessment that the BN government has a distaste for pig farming. Putting obstacles in the way of pig farming is to deny the Chinese community their basic right to eat and pray. The Chinese pray with roasted pork on heavenly days and for weddings and funerals.

To ban pigs as practiced in some states is to frustrate and deny the Chinese their basic right to religious freedom. To add further, the banning of pigs will drive chicken prices sky high so as to deny the common man his common meat. Someday, only the rich will be able to afford chicken.

On Why did the NEP fail?

George Yap: The NEP, or whatever it will be called, may have been necessary 37 years ago but there is a time for the privileged group themselves to say 'Thank you, we do not need handouts anymore. We have learnt. We can fend for ourselves now. It is now time for us to help the underprivileged.'. That was its objective. That time is way long gone.

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