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Why are we still mulling an extension for CJ?
Published:  Oct 19, 2007 3:00 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Malaysians must be wondering in amazement that the PM is even considering to extend the tenure of Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz.

On A two-month extension for Ahmad Fairuz?

Richard Teo: Malaysians must be wondering in amazement that the PM is even considering and pondering over the decision to extend the tenure of Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz. Despite his 'elegant silence' in his role in the Lingam tape, Ahmad Fairuz should be serving a six-month sentence behind bars instead of being rewarded with a six-month extension of his tenure.

Ahmad Fairuz will go down in history as the chief justice that brought the judiciary to the depths of disrepute and infamy, and to honour him with an extension of his tenure is to make a mockery of our judiciary system.

To redeem some measure of pride and preserve the good name of our judiciary, a tribunal should be formed to investigate his unsavoury role in the Lingam saga. Anything short of this would cast serious aspersion on our judiciary and besmirch the good name of those innocent judges who unfortunately are lumped together with the bad apples.

Mohd Kamal Abdullah: It is really a surprise to note that even while the controversy over the Lingam tape scandal is still been investigated which implicated Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Hamid, the government still has the desire to extend his tenure. If this piece of news is true, the government has clearly demonstrated no respect for integrity.

CJ: It doesn't surprise me that it has taken this long, and we still are yet to hear if the Lingam recording is 'authentic'. Malaysians are not so ignorant or nave to believe that the impotent three-man panel is anything but another delaying tactic by the government.

On We're getting poorer by the day

YK: Of course, Panir is right on target and I can verify all your figures. It is a rather sad stage that we have arrived at after 50 years of self-governing and we have not achieved any credible results. Even in the context of uplifting the socio-economic status of our population which has always been the top agenda of our government's effort to eradicate poverty all these years, we are actually worse off than we were 25 years ago in terms of earning a decent living in this country.

The question here and now is where do we go from here? Will the situation remain unchanged in the next 25 years taking into account that the mindset of the government is that associated with a 'tidak apa' attitude.

On Reopen the files on Zakaria's palace

Meng: Dear Prime Minister and Menteri Besar of Selangor, can I have RM15 million please just like Raja Zakaria so that I can built a mansion with swimming pool and playground and lots of rooms. I will invite orphans and poor street children to my house. I will built a library at the back so that children can come to use them too. I am not a town councillor or in politics or a minister, but I have a good heart with good intentions just like Raja Zakaria. I do not even have 11 grand children and so I will not need 11 bedrooms.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to get such a sum of money so that I can bless the people of Selangor, much like Raja Zakaria.

On Kuan Yew mentions Malaysiakini in interview

Peter Ooi: Allow me to quote Lee Kuan Yew in his interview: "But at the same time, there is the problem of credibility. So, you have a website called Malaysiakini . That means 'Malaysia Now' and it's got some very good articles in it and some of them are signed regularly by the same person. So when we get that, we read it and then we say, okay, circulate it."

I must congratulate Malaysiakini for being mentioned in a positive light by a great and very capable statesman. As one who led and propelled Singapore's economy sky-high, which is by no means an ordinary feat, I believe Lee is no ordinary person too. As such if an intelligent person with a first-class honours to boot from Cambridge can give credibility to Malaysiakini , it speaks volume of the quality of Malaysiakini reports and articles.

On Good, bad and ugly of Selayang Hospital

Pttan: Many a patient always feel lost in a big modern hospital. Add the stress that they are in, they can be at extreme ends of the emotional cycle. After all, it is no accident that the registrar of birth (joyful) and death (sorrow) is the same person. I used to say, we start our journey in life at the hospital and probably that is where we will end it as well. In between, we just go out and be useful and then return to the creator in the same way we came in.

Having said that, it would help if there are big signs with the word 'Help/Pertolongan' displayed and make sure the person manning it has great compassion. It would further help if all in patients have an assigned counselor who is ever ready to be called, helping with arrangements from money to cases like what Francis Siah had experienced. Belief me, it will be a great help to those who walked in through the gates of the hospital, so that they need not reckoned it to be same like the gates of hell