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SPECIAL REPORT: The Hindraf protest
Published:  Nov 26, 2007 7:32 PM
Updated: Nov 24, 2010 9:17 AM

Very rarely do Malaysians see such defiance. Despite repeated warnings and a court order which allowed the police to 'arrest on sight', they came out in the thousands on Nov 25 into the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

It was, in part, a protest inspired by Indian independence activist and pacifist, Mahatma Gandhi.

Like Gandhi, the Hindraf supporters were out to show mass civil disobedience and it was prominently shown by a crowd of almost 5,000 near the Hotel Maya at Jalan Ampang.

For at least five times, the crowd would run helter-skelter at each 'water canon charge', only to defiantly claim back their original positions, chanting "We want justice!" in both Tamil and English.

The following are a selection of Malaysiakini news reports, analyses, videos and letters on the Nov 25 Hindraf protest.


Hindraf 31: AG drops attempted murder charge

Attempted murder charge: AG 'abused' power

ISA crackdown: 5 Hindraf leaders detained

Remain calm, Waytha tells supporters

Video: Uthayakumar's parting message

Police disperse Hindraf supporters at Bkt Aman

PM: They want to destroy the country

Hindraf arrests: Use of ISA slammed

PM: ISA action is justified

Charge Hindraf leaders in court: Indian groups tell PM

ISA detentions: 'Gov't bankrupt of ideas'

US demands due process for ISA arrests

Families visit Hindraf 5 at Kamunting

Habeas corpus filed for Manoharan


Devamany escapes punishment

Uthayakumar's car tyres slashed

PAS slams Hindraf, accusations 'extreme'

Radio DJs punished for supporting Hindraf

Deputy minister: Indians better off than Malays

PM: Hindraf lies over Indian plight

India says Hindraf crackdown a 'source of concern'

Hindraf lobby goes global

Is Hindraf a racist group?

Hindraf trio discharged from sedition

MIC MP: Rally reflects govt's failure

Hindraf 'manipulated' the innocent

Police draw flak over excessive force

Hishammuddin rapped for 'sacking' warning

Nazri: Breach the law, face consequences

MIC MP: Rally reflects govt's failure

MIC's 'Robin Hood' to meet the whip

Hindu Sangam: Rally a 'wake up call'

'Gathering of crooks' hasn't tainted community's image

Suhakam's Khoo: Rally reflects grievances

Act against 'sufferings' in M'sia, Indian PM told


Fearless Indians fight for rights

A Gandhi-inspired mass civil disobedience

30,000 Hindraf protesters rally in KL streets

Tear gas fired at defiant protesters

Hindraf to submit petition in London

Samy tells Indians to work 'within the system'

Anwar: Hindraf rally a safety valve


Hindraf: Let us hand petition and go home

MIC: Hindraf is stooge of the opposition

Hindraf - a new force is born

Hindraf trio freed on bail

Three Hindraf leaders arrested

Organisers vow to proceed despite ban

Cops obtain rare court order against Hindraf

Rumours rife, Hindraf not amused

Police reject permit for Hindraf rally


Nov 25 rally

Hours of the rally

l 10 min

Cat and mouse around KLCC l 8 min

Confusion on Jalan Ampang l 2 min

Sucking tear gas and chemical-laced water l 7 min

Police accused of unprovoked attacks l 2 min

The day before

Uthaya's prediction for Nov 25 l 15 min

Hindraf leaders give impromptu briefing at temple l 10 min

Hindraf supporters head towards temple l 9 min

P Waythamoorthy refuses bail l 4 min

Hindraf supporters gather to show support l 4 min

The Hindraf arrests: Scenes in Shah Alam l 4 min

Hindraf rally: Cops warn of 'stern action' l 5 min

Police raid offices of two Hindraf lawyers l 6 min


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