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Rebrand, my foot. Well done, Hindraf!
Published:  Feb 4, 2008 9:46 AM
Updated: 4:42 AM

vox populi big thumbnail How come no one was aware of the plight of the Indians for the last 50 years? Was the BN leadership deaf or the MIC dumb? Syabas to Hindraf. 100 percent of the credit goes to them.

On Najib waves stick and offers carrot

Sunbaga: How 'cute' of Najib to agree that there are serious problem which need to be addressed. How come no one was aware of these for the last 50 years. Was the BN leadership deaf or the MIC dumb?

Syabas to Hindraf. 100 percent of the credit goes to them ... and only them.

On Seven issues affecting the Indians

Inthian: After months of trying to tell the Indian Malaysians that the government and MIC cares, now he comes up with seven issues affecting the Indians. After leading the MIC for 30 years only now he seems to have diognosed the problem.

The mainstream media reported that the government would channel RM3.8million to Chinese schools in Penang and another RM3.5million to Chinese schools in Johor. The same paper reported that eight Indian-based NGO's received a mere RM10,000 each in Butterworth. What kind of government allocation is this?What is the MIC, which claims to be the sole representative for the Indians, doing about his?

Are the Tamil schools so well-maintained that they dont deserve this kind of aid? Samy is the sole representative for the Indians ... does he need another 30 years to get it for us?

Ahmad Fuad: What difference does it make as to where the MIC candidate is contesting? MIC have, since 1955, won on Malay votes anyway. They have to serve their own constituents(assuming they do that is) thus why they have neglected their own community. Malaysians of Indian origin should vote any opposition party and not the MIC chiefly for two reasons:

1. The MIC never needed your votes as they have always won on Malay votes, and,

2. Having won on Malay votes, the Indian community (to them) becomes irrelevant, save for some cosmetic concern now and then, here and there.

Ubah sebelum parah. Ubah demi maruah.

On MIC in seat swaps to regain support

Shankar: I think Samy Velu should stay on for the elections. That will bring Barisan down. If he leaves now, there may be a change of heart. So, please let him stay.

Pukal: Is the Indian community still loyal to our so-called Indian leader Samy Vellu? It's time to clean out the MIC and bring in new intelligent and people. We want people who can work for community, not the people who work for themselves.

Samy Vellu 'needed' his post for the past 28 years, why he is so greedy for his post? When the community is rejecting him, why does he have to keep his thick face there?

The Indian community is rejecting the MIC. They can't be trusted anymore. They have big businesses to manage rather than the welfare of the Indians.

On Tearing up Rashid's photo: PM mulls action

Subra: Abdul Rashid has done a good job say the PM. Did he do as well as our previous chief justice did?

RJM: Obviously those tearing up photos of Abdul Rashid have no respect for him.They are demonstrating their disgust.over something he has done or is refusing to do when in fact he should do it. Thus what offence have they committed?

On No 'gentleman's agreement' to quit: PM

Can't Understand: A PM is not just a leader of a state or community - he or she ought to have great wisdom to manage a country holistically. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi certainly lacks the tact or the ability to make this happen. He should not even dream of staying on another term.

By the way Najib is no better not is Khairy whoever he is. What can Khairy do just because he is a Harvard graduate?

On ACA officer rapped for sloppy work

Michael Lee: Have they not demonstrated that they are completely incompetent or worse, playing to somebody else's tune? Neither of which can justify the continued existence of at least a few of these so-called 'investigators' or their bosses.

On 'Election goodies' for Chinese community

Dhammika: I am very surprised with these 'Chinese goodies' like the building of Chinese primary schools in the Klang Valley. This is bribery; it is considered as corruption. For four years, no Chinese schools were approved to be built. Closed down, yes. I hope the Chinese will take the offer but vote for opposition to prevent any ore closong down of Chinese schools.

The Chinese, like their Indian brothers, have been humiliated and discriminated against. What the hell has MCA and Gerakan been protecting all this while? The Chinese memory is not that short. We are just waiting to vote out the deadwood, the ostriches and the pea-brain elected reps.