'Rosmah running which ministry?'

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘One moment she tells people that she is not a politician and the next moment she says she has bigger things to do for the nation and the country.’

On Rosmah: I'm innocent

Mooshie Mooshie: Who is the politician Rosmah is talking about when she said she is married to a politician? Herself or her husband?

One moment she tells people that she is not a politician and that she is only a politician's wife and the next moment she is heard saying she has bigger things to do for the nation and the country.

Exactly which ministry is she running?

On Ezam accuses S'gor MB of power abuse

CH Siew: Ezam is a hardworking person, and he shows his colours very quickly to demonstrate his effectiveness in his profession. Just a month after he joined his new ‘club’, he is already biting his former colleagues hard!

It is good that he is doing all this as he helps to keep the Selangor MB on his toes all the time. He is doing the job for us. At the same time, I can't help but wonder what other agenda he has other than seeking revenge on his former comrade.

What he does is nothing productive at all, acting on something worth RM200,000. I really question his mental state in trying hard to tell people he is fighting corruption.

If he is indeed of such righteousness, maybe he should start switching his radar the other way round onto his present master, Pak Lah and family.

His actions only show what kind of people BN attracts - the self serving and non-productive.

Garry Khoo: Ezam’s political tactics are more clear now. He joins a party and studies all its weaknesses and then joins another party to capitalise on this.

Oh ya , this what we call a ‘spy’. I would like to warn the BN who took him in again. He will rejoin Pakatan Rakyat and lodge reports against BN after 13 th general election. Chinese say

‘Where the wind blows, he will follow’.

I wonder Ezam how many supporters does Ezam have? I pity his supporters.

On Najib: Chinese community will not lose out

Ratormo: The Malays, Chinese and Indians have been cheated by the BN government for 50 years in the name of NEP, which only enriched the BN-puteras (according to the corruption analysis done by Morgan Stanley).

What makes Najib think that he pull the same trick again and that the people will believe him? Ever heard of once bitten twice shy? How about being bitten for 50 years?

On Stupendous profits for Petronas' option holders

Truth Seeker: Are there such things as Petronas' option holders? If there are, then Petronas should made public the nature of the deal without necessarily revealing the names of these option holders.

If these option holders exist and are making horrendous profits at Petronas' expense, then Petronas should cancel the options in the name of national interest.

After all, countries are known to nationalise oil companies in the name of national interest.

The public has the right to know the profitability of Petronas especially when they are paying higher prices for petroleum and whether these profits are not squandered away by the institution that the government put in place between them and Petronas.

On Your say: 'Where's public transport blueprint?'

Michael Lim: The situation of public transportation in Malaysia is getting worse and has never improved at all. From before until now, there are no strict rules and regulations or proper enforcement over public buses, express buses and taxis in Malaysia including their drivers.

Nowadays, they act freely because no government agency or organization seems to care.

For example, take the irresponsible and unethical taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru. They overcharge customers, do not use the meter, impose extra charges and purposely take the wrong route or longer one.

The government increases the petrol price and asks the people to take public transport but it is still in a very bad state. We can't see any improvement.

This will definitely chase investors and tourists away. How do we progress and grow without solving the current issues and problems?

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