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'Bung Mokhtar has shamed us all'
Published:  Jul 14, 2008 11:16 AM
Updated: 5:36 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘So what's the point of the government spending millions of taxpayers' money in putting Malaysians on the highest peak and in outer space to create a positive image of Malaysia?’

On 'Suspend Kinabatangan MP'

64-yr-old Fair Lady: Yes, suspend him! I am disgusted to say the least. He does not belong to civil society. He does not belong to the league of parliamentarians.

He does not deserve to sit in the august house. Other MPs should feel ashamed to be in his company lest his uncouth behaviour rubs onto them.

Please send him back to where he comes from, as it will take forever to train him.

Kaisim: We have two clowns in our parliament - one the Kinabatangan MP and the other Ibrahim Ali (Independent). They love to talk and do silly things in parliament in order to gain the attraction of the media..

One shows an obscene hand gesture shamelessly and feels so proud that he has done something wonderful while the other talks so much about one male goat giving service to eighty female goats in Kelantan.

What have these two things got to do with Parliament? The people`s representatives are there to talk and debate on important issues regarding the country but the two clowns have turned this place into an entertainment centre.

Malaysian voters should be wise enough to cast their votes in the next GE. We should not be wasting money on these jokers who are there to make fun and thus giving the country a bad image.

People who cannot contribute positively to the country should not be there at all.

Don Ng: Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar Radin apparently has paid no heed to the vehement condemnation of his habitual disgusting ribaldries that were tainted with concupiscent dreams uttered in the august House not too long ago.

This incondite yokel who is suffering from his Walter Mitty fantasy has instead gone up a big notch in abusing his right as a MP in the august House by abominably gesturing Nabokovian innuendo, which must have by now been screened abroad and laughed at by many.

So what's the point of the government spending millions after millions of taxpayers' money in putting Malaysians on the highest peak and in outer space to creative a positive image of Malaysia, if this BN person who has been appointed as the deputy chair of BBC by the very same BN government, is allowed to go unpunished for his shameful deeds each time and every time?

This public servant of ours has shamed all Malaysians big time. We want him out of the Dewan indefinitely.

On Cracks show up in opposition ranks

JKS: It's good for the writer to highlight the fissures in the PR coalition, so that PR can try to improve, and Malaysians can enjoy a bi-party political system.

There is also a positive side to the punk rock ‘culture shock’. The conservatives among us need to become acquainted with the frustration of those below 30, who will dominate the population soon.

For the younger population, parents just need to explain what the ‘culture shock’ is all about - just as these days they will need to explain what sodomy, murder, witness coercion, police violence, official greed and waste are all about.

If parents don't explain, then they are only letting the government take over the brainwashing of our youth.

PAS hopes to intervene via religious leadership. But the basic responsibility still lies with the parents.

Siva: It has been four months since PR took over the five states. Yet there is no visible plan or action. The three partners do not appear to agree with one another other than on the subject of taking over the federal government by fair or foul means.

The appointment of the state exco members and local councilors smack of the BN model. You have to appoint the best man for the job irrespective of race and religion - don't talk about racial quotas.

What we need are concrete plans for better governance, transparency and better living conditions. The cancellation of summons and the free water benefit the rich more than the poor. We should extend this to the poor only.

In the case of traffic summonses - especially for parking in no-parking zones - can the local authority provide adequate public transport or affordable parking space for our daily errands?

What has happened to all the abuse of power or corruption cases of the old BN government? Have they been covered up?

On Sodomy: Anwar turns to Syariah Court

KC Law: I believe some readers are confused about the action taken by Anwar to report the matter to Islamic authorities.

It is not Anwar's intention to escape the criminal justice system by turning to the Syariah court. Anwar has himself indicated he his willing to be charged and taken to trial in a civil court to clear his name.

Saiful has challenged Anwar to swear his innocence on the Quran.

However under Islamic law, the onus is on the accuser to provide proof, not for the accused to prove his innocence.

As Saiful has invoked religion, Anwar has to counter this with an appropriate response to clear his name or be perceived as guilty.

As there is no provision for criminal cases to be tried under Syariah law in Malaysia, the case will still be decided under civil law.

On Pakatan files 'no-confidence motion'

David Anthony: Look before you leap! The historic move may end up as a futile move. In the present set up the president of the majority party is prime minister.

If the vote of no confidence is carried, Abdullah could simply hand over the Umno presidency to the next-in-line who steps into the shoes of the prime minister. Is that what we want?

On Australian PM hails M'sia as 'vibrant democracy'

Kenny Gan: Rudd proclaims Malaysia a vibrant and flourishing democracy but he contradicts himself by deciding not to meet Anwar Ibrahim for fear of offending his hosts.

Surely a vibrant and flourishing democracy can tolerate a foreign head of state meeting with an opposition leader?

On Not meeting Anwar: Rudd's excuse flimsy, absurd

Takeda Shingen: Please note that Anwar is not an MP and therefor has no business meeting with another country's leader during an official visit.

Perhaps if they weren't so busy promoting Anwar, they would have done a better job sending someone from the DAP or the PAS leadership.

On Anwar wants Syed Hamid to apologise

Takeda: Perhaps Anwar would care to explain then all the time he spent, on his release, in the US with the IMF? Whom he was accused of aiding during his time as DPM to allow reforms that would cripple our economy and allow for foreign takeover.

Maybe we should also take a look at his books on where he got the funds to run his campaign.

On PAS wrong on prayer ruling: MCA

Anon: Such utterances from the PAS vice-president linking promotions for civil servants with religious piety (presumably for Muslins only) yet again shakes your confidence about the calibre of the party’s leadership and its ability to be part of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition aspiring to national governance of a multi-racial society.

On Tamil schools: Whose responsibility? MIC's or government's?

G Krishnan: Amazing! Truly amazing. If you have not read the above interview of Samy Vellu, you really owe it to yourself to spend a few moments doing so. This has got be one of the all-time unforgettable interview transcripts I’ve ever read.

Just when I thought Samy Vellu couldn’t make himself look any worse and embarrass himself further, he has – seemingly effortlessly – taken his reputation to a new low.

I was in utter shock, horror, embarrassment, bemusement and - truth be told - at other moments, laughing hysterically reading the mumbo-jumbo, gibberish, babble, gobbledygook, political double-talk, and twaddle from the man in response to the reporters’ questions.

If anyone ever needed one compelling example and explanation of why the state of vast numbers of marginalised Indians in the country is as such, you need not go further than read the interview in its entirety. The answer will stare you right in the face.

If this interview was part of the man’s strategy to reinvent himself and the MIC, he’s sure doing a fine job – like with his prior record as MIC president – of botching things up. And imagine, this is the guy who has been the BN regime’s spokesperson for Indians all these years.

And if things go according to his plan, we’ll shortly see him reaffirmed as president of the party – yet again.

Stay tuned, the Samy Vellu Show will continue….

On GLCs need not be led by Umno members: PM

Kaisim: Many countries today keep a closer watch at their human capital programme. Some import talents to help but Malaysia is just doing the opposite all these years.

For almost one generation, the country has lost many able men and women to other countries , especially our neighbour. If you are in any city in the world, you are most likely to meet Malaysians there.

Greedy politicians always tell you to leave if you are not happy here. The fact is that we do not have enough of good and capble leaders in public organisations. We are in trouble now.

Our universities have nothing to be proud of. The teaching staff are unknown to the world and their ratings are dismal.

The education system is unreliable but the exam results show many As.

On Your say: Rebates for BMW owners too?

Pepper Chong: There is no RM625 rebate for private vehicles that have installed the NGV system. In fact, the only subsidy that these vehicle owners are qualified to receive is the paltry 25% discount off on road tax fees which comes to less that RM100 only.

Add to that, wasn't this 25% discount given by the government supposed to encourage people to convert to NGV hybrid cars not only to save money on escalating fuel costs but also to protect the environment despite the fact that there are actually limited petrol stations in Malaysia?

Bear in mind, if this were the case, the government is again being indecisive with their ‘changes’ to policy. The fact of the matter is that people who install these NGV systems have to bear themselves the cost of installing these systems which comes to about RM3,000 to RM 7,000 depending on the vehicle and would have to suffer for about a year before enjoying the benefits.

Can't the government just release the RM625 rebate to privately owned NGV vehicles as a form of rebate for installing the system in the first place? And how come cars that are above 2,000cc have the road tax reduced by RM200 despite the fact that they have an NGV system installed?

Why have people like us been singled out? Well, that is my 2 sen worth. Whether or not we are left out of the game only time will tell right?

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