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Choppers: 'We're paying twice as much'
Published:  Oct 22, 2008 1:58 AM
Updated: 10:53 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘Malaysia is buying the EC-725 at a whopping price of more than RM193 million each compared to other countries such as Brazil which are buying it at only RM82 million each.'

On Copter deal: Conspiracy theorists fail to convince

SA Hamzah: What the writer failed to mention or conveniently decided to omit is the fact that Malaysia is buying the EC-725 at a whopping price of more than RM193 million each compared to other countries such as Brazil which are buying it at only RM82 million each.

That is a whopping difference of RM111 million each paid by our taxpayers. It makes me wonder how can someone like the writer (assuming that he is a Malaysian citizen) does not feel it justified that we scrutinise this kind of shady deals.

For his information, Brazil's procurement deal not only included the setting up of an MRO centre but also a facility to build the aircraft locally for the Latin American market.

Whereas in Malaysian case, the MRO centre for Eurocopter had already been setup prior to the purchase.

As such, the procurement cost by the Malaysian government should be by right much cheaper since we can exclude the cost of setting up an MRO centre.

hope the writer will be able to clarify the above issues from an economic perspective and justify why we have to purchase equipment at twice the price.

If the author has any conscience, he will also feel guilty of other military procurement deals done by our country which followed the same shady trend. It is time for us all to say the buck stops here.

On Rais: I've been asked to pay for my votes

PH: If the government is serious about having the ACA in to battle vote-buying, then shouldn't cabinet ministers set the example?

Otherwise it will be pure lip service again. If Rais Yatim has really been asked to pay for votes, does he not have an obligation to report these people to the ACA?

Johnny Yew:

It is crystal clear that power in Umno is all about money. Foreign Minister Rais Yatim's disclosure that Umno members were more interested in looking for money than choosing good leaders is yet another compelling evidence of the deep-rooted money politics being blatantly practised in the country's biggest political party.

The boldness with which the Umno members demand payment in exchange for votes shows that the malaise has actually pervaded deep into the party.

It is a sad reflection that previous calls for a halt to money politics by past Umno leaders including Dr Mahathir Mohamad have gone unheeded.

It shall remain that way so long as top echelon Umno leaders refuse to lay off money politics in their quest for positions and power.

Worse still, the disease has spread down hierarchy with even junior division heads and delegates joining the bandwagon.

With such rich pickings at the horizon when they come into power, the temptation for Umno's incumbents and aspiring politicians to buy votes becomes irresistible.

That explains why Umno is steadfastly propagating Malay hegemony and relentlessly protecting the NEP as those in the corridors of power are well aware that these two racial cards are the gateways to immense wealth and power acquisitions.

Need the citizens wonder any more why Umno members ignore the good track record of some clean leaders and instead blissfully nominate leaders tainted with scandals and dubious records?

Boey KS: ‘The majority of Umno people want to look for money and not for good leaders,'said Rais.

Money politics has been rampant in Umno and this has been again confirmed by Foreign Minister Rais Yatim, a veteran Umno member.

One wonders how far this money politics has spread its tentacles what with the party's top posts now up for grabs.

The worrying concern is that the winners of the top posts in Umno - decided by only about 2,000 members - also automatically occupy the top posts in government for a country of about 25 million people.

On Emergency motion on 'new CJ' rejected

Milton Yap:

The fact that BN and Umno continued to push for the appointment of Zaki Azmi as chief justice demonstrates clearly that the party or the government has not learned the lessons of March 8.

The people had voiced their opinion on March 8 that corrupt practices and non-transparent dealings are not what they want.

Despite the clear connections to Umno and the government, BN and Umno continued to push for Zaki's appointment. They have control of the government and now want control of the judiciary.

This speaks volumes of the lip service that Abdullah and the BN government gives to judicial reform. Do they not know or care about independence - real or perceived - of the judiciary.

They are saying one thing and doing another. BN or Umno have not taken any lessons from March 8. The next elections will tell.

On 'Add social contract to tertiary syllabus'

Yum: Muhyiddin is talking from both sides of his mouth. On one hand, he says no one should question the ‘social contract'.

Then, on the other hand, he suggests that the government give some leeway for Malaysians to engage in discussion to create better awareness.

I predict this tertiary syllabus will be styled along the lines of the asinine moral studies that one has to regurgitate model answers word-for-word just to pass exams.

Who will believe think that this will produce morally-upright youths?

On Social contract: What could be next?

Lim Keat Hoe:

It does not matter that the so-called ‘social contract' was not called as such during the independence negotiations right till 1986. The point is that the powers-that-be and the Conference of Rulers have deemed it as such.

Yes, as Lim suggested, it may be an appropriate time now to revisit what exactly are the elements of this social contract that ought be protected at all costs and what are those that have caused the cost the creation of a Malaysian identity.

For many of us, Malaysia is our only home. We are Malaysian citizens. Period.

On DPM should be East Malaysian

Anak Rantau: I don't see why MCA should be given the post of second DPM. It did badly in the last elections.

Somebody from Sarawak should hold the post for the good track record the state has shown over the years for BN.

On Intrigue at Umno to topple Abdullah

Paul: Now that Abdullah has finally decided to step down very soon, he should be free of the clutches of the 'warlords' in Umno. He no longer needs to appease them.

So why doesn't he leave his mark on history (and get back the respect of all those who had given him unprecedented support) by showing his toughness in:

a. repealing the ISA

b. implementing the royal commission report on the Lingam tape scandal

c. implementing the royal commission report on the police force and

d. taking tough action on corruptions - at least the most obvious ones.

Isn't it about time he settles all of the above once and for all? It's the least he can do.

Zhao PL:

I couldn't agree more with your readers' comments - Pak lah has been such a great letdown. What happened to him? Did he lose his vision when Endon left us?

So it is proven again that behind every great man is a greater woman and this will be very much obvious when Najib takes over!

However, credit must also be given to Pak Lah for some of the minor reforms he had introduced but Malaysians had better enjoy them now for by March 2009, all these may be taken away.

It is also sad about Khairy - an intellectual under the wrong influence and guidance. Instead of seeking the good for all, power is the be all.

But do you know who is behind all this race for power, greed and control? None other than the great doctor.

For all Malaysians who want to see a fair country for all races for our future generations to come - continue to pray for deliverance and that God will raise up among us a righteous and upright leader.

On Jalan Alor name-change sparks uproar

Timo Finian: Maybe the BN is aware they are losing popularity and have no hope in the next elections. So they decide to indulge in some social havoc just for kicks.

Or perhaps the ACA should step in and check to see if the name-change had any monetary or sexual connotations.

Who knows, 'Kejora' could possibly be the name of a certain damsel whom a rich Datuk was smitten by in the Jalan Alor area.

He then decided to give in to her whim by 'pulling his cables' for a name-change. Lucky 'Kejora'.

Sounds far-fetched? Hey! Welcome to 'Bolehland' where anything goes.

On BN backbencher joins chorus for independent ACA

Chin: We are happy to see our MP Ghapur Salleh (Sabahan) rise up the issue. He is really like an MP and not just a ‘yes man'. He is not worried about his position.

We Malaysian should think why Malaysian politics is so bad. There are so many ‘Mr Ten Percents' in our country.

The ACA should look into this matter seriously.

On Terrible car repossession experience at Eon Bank


To the complainant, I would suggest that you pay your bills on time and if you can't afford a car try a motorbike. Please be responsible, okay?

Don't blame the whole world and not yourself. Fine, the law can cover you to a certain degree but at the end of the day it is about paying your installments on time.