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'Why should Valuecap borrow from EPF?'
Published:  Oct 23, 2008 9:28 AM
Updated: 5:32 AM

vox populi big thumbnail ‘If it is so lucrative for Valuecap to dive into the market and buy up undervalued stocks, why don't the EPF, Khazanah and PNB do it themselves?'

On Economy risks recession next year: MIER

CK Chim : If it is so lucrative for Valuecap to dive into the market and buy up undervalued stocks, why don't the EPF, Khazanah and PNB do it themselves?

I would have thought that the analysts/specialists from these entities would see the value as after all, it is part of their investment responsibilities.

Are we doing this because EPF &Co are already up to their necks in deteriorating stocks and it's time to pass on the baton on to Valuecap?

Will the finance minister let us know how much have EPF & Co lost since the onset of the global financial crisis as a result of propping up the market?

I am concerned both as a citizen as well as having a stake in the EPF.

On Muhyiddin: No one can question social contract


Muhyiddin's idea that the ‘social contract' should be taught as subject at the tertiary level or not is for acadamecians to debate.

But what should be taught at all times and all levels is social justice in the formulation and implementation of socio-economic policies starting with Umno.

Since all indications point to Mahyuddin becoming the DPM, can we expect him to practice and teach Umno to do so, not marginalising any citizen or any groups?

The indomitable TDM says that closing the income disparity will reduce racial ill-feelings. Is it not unfortunate that he did not think of this idea 25 years ago when he became our PM?

However, now that he will soon become the de-facto PM (as is widely speculated) will he redress all the crimes that he has inflicted on the nation, the result of which the country and the people are paying dearly for and will take generations to correct?

Let us all pray that TDM lives long enough to achieve these objectives to redeem himself.

On A 'second-hand car' named Anwar

John Z: If one notices, the only people that attack Anwar's BN record are simple nobodies who put their foots in their own mouths. The higher-ups are more careful when criticising Anwar's past record because, in effect, they are criticising themselves!

Case in point is Salleh Kalbi who said he was ‘sad' with Anwar's refusal to give scholarships to Sabahans and then claim that only BN could take care of everybody.

Salleh is saying that a BN government that did not or would not give money to Sabahans is the past is a government that can or will take care of Sabahans? Isn't that a paradox?

If Salleh did successfully chip Anwar's reputation, the collateral damage would be further bombardment of an already demolished BN reputation, further revealing the rotten inner workings of BN and their pathetic governing attitude.

Anwar is really a special figure in Malaysian politics because he can lure the some BN members to shoot themselves in the foot when they thought they were pointing the gun at Anwar.

On Anwar defends his track record


How come I don't read or see anymore videos of Anwar's ambitious plan for the rakyat ? Has he given up hope on all of us?

Now there is so much politicking by the ruling coalition particularly between the PM and MuhyiddinYassin.

I also read about the neck-to-neck campaigning between Khairy and Mukhriz for the Umno Youth chief's post.

Anwar had fanned up so much interest and hopes amongst Malaysians only to dump us suddenly in disappointment.

Has the PR coalition's ‘mouth' been gagged or something? I hope not. But I am perplexed by the sudden silence of the PR coalition.

I 'm sure many people out there want to know what's happening.

On Kok issues two more letters of demand

John Johnson: I would like to commend Teresa Kok for her strength and courage in standing up and fighting for her rights. I strongly support her lawsuit against Utusan Malaysia.

That newspaper should take full responsibility for its writers unless it is a supporter of this instigation to cause racial tensions.

Malaysians are more educated now and they can smell a rat when someone tries to instigate other communities. We know all too well that certain political parties will use this to cause racism and hatred between the races.

Those days are over. Let's sue these groups and make them bankrupt and the let's see how they live as normal people on the street who work hard to hold on to their jobs and feed their families.

As for me, I'm on my way to RPK's candlelight vigil telling myself that human rights, freedom and justice all come at a price.

I thank RPK and his wife standing up and fighting for a better government and country for all Malaysians

On Najib accepts apology

The Late Starter:

Syabas! This speaks volumes for the honesty and credibility of the journalist Wong Choon Mei and Malaysiakini .

Comparing this to the actions of a certain Umno-owned newspaper which refuses to apologise for the lies it published on a certain opposition politician resulting in her incarceration under the draconian ISA, we all know now for certain which media to trust.

On KL mayor under fire for Jalan Alor name change

Bilqis Hijjas: How typical of the arrogance of DBKL. No community consultation - as if street names belong to them, and not to the community.

Jalan Alor is a meaningful name of great importance to the people who live there, work there and eat there.

Did we who live in Bukit Bintang ask to be re-branded? No, thank you very much, we don't want to be the Times Square of Malaysia, we want to be Bukit Bintang.

On TMNet complaints? Tell MCMC

Quah: Numerous complaints have been made on the extremely poor service provided by the very few broadband providers.

It is believed that the monopoly nature of the industry is to be blamed. The tyrants would only be tamed if more players are allowed to enter the market.