'Zulkifli must be disciplined'

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘We have too many with religious hang-ups who make life hard for others because of their false understanding of religion.'

On Zulkifli: We must strengthen Islam

Ahmadhatter: PKR politician Zulkifli Nordin is misguided and suffers from a persecution complex. No one is attacking or undermining Islam.

Sincerity is no guarantee that one is doing the right thing because one can be sincerely wrong, like the nurse who gave the wrong medicine to a patient though she thought it was the right medicine.

Zulkifli must be careful that it is not he who is not pleasing God because of his actions. There is nothing in Islam which prevents people debating about religion, even Islam.

When Mohammed's critics ridiculed him he did not destroy them but allowed them to have their say.

There is no coercion in Islam but Zulkifli has the nerve to criticise Mahathir when Zulkifli himself is not above board. The kind of thinking and actions by Zulkifli is the same reason why religious fanatics arise and do extreme things.

As a politician Zulkifli has to answer to the people for his conduct as much as to God. As long as people like Zulkifli Nordin are in PKR I will never vote for PKR because his ideas are incompatible with what PKR and PAS stand for.

The best thing PKR can do is to discipline this politician. He is a menace to progress and true Islam. At least Mahathir did not disrupt a Bar Council meeting.

We have too many with religious hang-ups who make life hard for others because of their false understanding of religion.

On Soi Lek's comeback 'too soon' after sex scandal?

Diana Luck: Whether he was elected as deputy president or not, it doesn't matter. It only involves the MCA. It does not represent other Malaysians ( ie, the Malays, Indians, other bumiputera, non- MCA Chinese).

If he was elected as deputy president of MCA, let him stay in MCA only do not bring him back to the cabinet.

If in case he comes back into cabinet then we might as well re-elect TDM as Umno president. Can we Malaysians accept TDM back as the next prime minister of Malaysia? Think about that. Never discount TDM; he has more than enough strong support in Umno.

Please don't insult Malaysian by bringing back Chua Soi Lek into the cabinet. Malaysia will be the laughing stock of the world if he is to be brought back.

One day you can say sorry and resign and nine months you can come back as a winner!

Dr YPH: I often wonder if those who attack Chua Soi Lek's 'immorality' are so pure themselves. There can be very few amongst us who are completely free of one form or another of actions that can be construed as dishonest or a breach of public acceptability.

Imagine oneself on surveillance TV the whole day through. There are more serious acts and allegations of criminal conduct amongst political leaders which have not been acted upon.

We have lost our sense of propriety in respecting the privacy of others and seem to have adopted the American system of character assassination and ignoring capabilities.

In France, however, it would seem that sexual peccadilloes are of little interest to the public. Are those who criticise merely hypocrites yet to be caught with their pants down?


This may be a somewhat controversial viewpoint but I have always felt that the private sexual 'adventures' of those in public office should be kept off the public agenda as much as possible.

Certainly in the West some of the finest and best leaders of the free world have turned out to have fairly 'colourful' sexual lives such as JFK, Bill Clinton, Franklin Roosevelt etc.

It has always been my view that the politicians we should be most wary of are those that keep harping on about moral and family issues and trying to pretend that they are whiter than the driven snow.

In the end it is often these 'holier than thou' political leaders that turn out to be the most damaging to society and who often have some very outrageous skeletons in the cupboard.

On BN MP who signed petition revealed


‘Both MCA and Gerakan spoke feverishly against abuse of the ISA and called for a review of the controversial law. Abdullah however has ruled out reviewing the law in the near future.'

This is the problem with our component party leaders including MIC. This goes to prove that they are only interested in thieir own gain and are least bothered by the sufferings of the rakyat especially those trapped in the ISA.

The ISA is very obviously abused by the ruling party to keep all those who question their policies and rulings locked-up while the ruling party gives absurd reasons like these people are a 'national threat' or jeopardising the 'unity' or 'harmony' in the country.

It is also obvious that Syed Hamid Albar's days are numbered.

On 'She is six, for crying out loud!'


It not BN's fault that the child got arrested when they went to pass an invitation to the PM. It is our fault for having this small group of people run the country.

It's is so sad that there are still so many people in Malaysia (in a world which has opened up with the advancements in communication technologies) who are so naVve to think they can be treated well by these guys.

These are guys only waiting to take advantage of us. Don't fall into their trap. Please come up with some ways to beat the system.

I feel so sad that such nonsense can take place in this modern world. I hope the world is watching.

Please, world help us from these bunch of bullies.

Please realise this country is ruled by a group which constitutes only about 30% of the population. That they represent they whole nation is all nonsense.

The Malays are divided. The Chinese are divided. The Indians are divided. Umno is divided. So do the maths, guys

Rajeswari Krishnan:

Syed Hamid Albar and the PM should put themselves in Waythamoorthy's shoes. You have sent him into exile and furthermore arrested his wife and child just because they came to invite the PM for Deepavali.

Please reduce your arrogance and remember you are the servant of the rakyat . The PM, home minister and the police are paid by the rakyat.

You are elected to serve the rakyat irrespective of which race they belong to. The actions taken by you seems like you are biased towards the various races.

You seem to support the breaking of Hindu temples and have banned the Indian community (Hindraf) from questioning your favouritism and your arrogance. You are just marginalising the Indians.

On Q&A with Khalid Ibrahim

Millionth Citizen:

In this interview with the Selangor menteri besar, we find depth in his thinking. Yes, we are not disappointed with the Sept 16 ultimatum to the BN government.

I think if it was the BN's choice to topple the Pakatan government regardless of the people's feelings and that it would cause a riot or whatever, BN would go ahead.

But Anwar, do not to worry. With the attitude of the present government rest assured we will vote for any party but BN.

So, take your time - we can wait.

On Perak may 'seize' ISA detention camp site

David Anthony:

Reclaiming Kamunting is not a solution. Kamunting is a very relaxing and serene place with a cool, pleasant climate at the foothills. Why deprive the ISA detainees of the least that nature can do to console them?

If the land were taken back by the Perak government, the federal government will only send the detainees to some god-forsaken ‘Siberian' place which will multiply their miseries.

If the Perak government takes measures to make it difficult for the camp authorities, the only ones who will suffer are the detainees.

The solution lies in the abolition of the ISA. The Perak government and all just-minded non-Barisan people should continue to pressure the government incessantly until the ISA is dead and buried.

On 'Datuk' Shah Rukh Khan will boost tourism: official

Teokeloomangoop: One suggestion to the powers-that-be on who deserves the state titles.

I respectfully recommend teachers, educators and administrators in missionary schools who dedicated their lives for the education of Malaysians.

How many of us were beneficiaries of the dedication of these people, who were not Malaysians themselves but left their homelands since young, in many cases never to return, and instead sacrificed everything for us.

The least we can do is recognise them and perhaps look after their welfare when they have retired, if needed.

All you La Sallians etc speak up!

On Fatwa council issues bans lesbian sex

Member of Malaysia:

The council had exercised an act of impeccable morality according to the religion. The defenders of the religious group have so-called banned the act and practice of lesbianism in this multiracial country.

The council needs to do their research a little deeper. Homosexuality is a condition generally due to the anatomical and physiological conditions of the inner body of the said individual.

This literally means that the said subject has no control over the internal structure and mechanism of the body.

Glands and hormones play a crucial role into the existence of these individuals. It could be either too much or too little of the chemical compounds in the body that lead to different state of the internal body mechanism.

Therefore it is not the individuals wish to behave or pose as their opposite sex.