'Palestinian ambassador a disgrace'

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your say ‘I think Palestine does not have to work towards unity for it would be useless to be united with such personalities as was witnessed in this incident.'

On Protest against Israel turns into war of words

Edhem Foco: The shameful behaviour of Palestinian Ambassador Abdel Aziz, is disgraceful and offensive.

Malaysians wanted to express their support for their brothers in Gaza, but he behaved like a thug, unhappy that pictures of his political opponents were displayed. What a small man.

I think Palestine does not have to work towards unity for it would be useless to be united with such personalities as was witnessed in this incident.

On 228 die as Israel hammers Hamas-run Gaza

Baiyuensheng: The action by Israel has shattered an era of hope and peace as we enter the new year.

Their actions do not befit a country which is strong and their people deemed intelligent and capable.

What we see and have come to know is that the Israelis, as a people, are violent and lack humanity.

Among the races, I would think that the Israel people have the propensity to forgive and would understand that ‘might' comes with responsibilities.

They have the power to change things yet they opted to change by brute force.

If they want to be strong, I think the Israeli people should take the sensible way - through courage and humility - to resolve issues.

On Hamas to blame for Israeli raids

Azhar Mohd Salleh: I don't know from which part of the world the writer is writing from but his blatant words riding roughshod over reason

If you are not the believer of any of the three world's major faiths (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) then stay away from commenting. Yes, it is true to say that it takes two to make a quarrel.

But which party ignited the contention is not the issue as the issue traces a long history through inter-faith disputes that are too sensitive to be discussed.

Your source of information may perhaps come, of course, from Reuters , or the Associated Press or CNN , and an array of Western media that are owned by Jewish lobbyists.

These are, of course, unfair, one-sided reports that are as good as constant lies to be swallowed by credulous people.

So please, if you are making neither head nor tail of something, do further research. Don't just simply plunge ahead and comment out.

On Israel rejects truce calls, presses on with Gaza offensive

Eugene Tan: As far as I know only two countries in the world define race in terms of religion, the Jewish faith for Jews and Islam for Malays.

To defend Malay special privileges, Mahathir used to say that recognition as to whom are the original people (bumiputera) of a country should be based on who formed the first government.

This conveniently eliminates the indigenous people. Not that I agree with this opportunistic concept, but on this basis, there's no doubt that Palestine belong to the Jews.

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