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'MACC chief should join a political party'

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your say ‘The statement by the MACC chief on the Selangor MB has certainly brought the MACC into disrepute. Ahmad Said Hamdan must explain his action. Is he seeking publicity?'

On MACC yet another BN lap dog?

Chelvam Rengasamy:

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Ahmad Said Hamdan says the MACC 'has strong evidence and Khalid had misused the powers'. This statement is certainly pre-judgmental, before even the prosecution is initiated.

I believe this is the very first time such a statement has been released by MACC to the press even before the proper legal process is carried out.

This statement will certainly jeopardise the individual's concern, as in Malaysia, one is deemed to be innocent until one is found guilty by the courts.

But the MACC chief has taken it upon himself to decide that the Selangor MB had misused his powers even before this case is brought to the courts.

Recently, I noticed the MACC is prone to seek publicity, as happened in the recent investigations into some individuals on money politics. Massive publicity was given, with even some state chiefs of MACC giving press conferences on this issue.

However, the crux of this matter was that the matter was still under investigation and no concrete findings has been made as yet.

But MACC jumped the gun and mentioned that prominent individuals are being investigated. What is the true purpose of this exposure? To seek publicity or to show that MACC is doing its tasks?

If the latter is the case, I am also puzzled why it takes such a long time for the MACC to initiate action against those individuals mentioned in the ‘Lingam tape' saga.

Even the royal commission of inquiry found some abuses of power in this case. However, till today, MACC is still dragging is feet on this issue.

All this only shows the MACC is not totally independent and does not project a true professional image. The statement by the MACC chief on the Selangor MB has certainly brought the MACC into disrepute.

Ahmad Said Hamdan must explain his action. Is he seeking publicity or is he being biased in the investigations of cases and their findings.

Malaysians from of all walks of life have high hopes on the newly-minted MACC. But if the MACC acts in this way, I believe the public will lose confidence in this institution.

I am certainly disappointed with these kind of statements coming from its chief. It's time the MACC act truly as an independent and responsible commission.

If the MACC chief intends to play politics, then by all means he should resign and join a political party.

Appum: The MACC has shown its true colours to the rakyat of Malaysia in that it is nothing but an adjunct servant of the BN government.

What is the use of having it being called and identified as a commission when it is not able to tear itself away from the ruling tai ko and be subjected to their whims and fancies?

It is not independent as it tries to show to be. Malaysians today are not cock-eyed. If the menteri besar of Selangor is guilty of abuse of power by using a Lexus, would he be so naive and transparent to show the whole world that he is misusing government funds by using his own car?

Obviously, there is clear intent that he is not abusing his powers. Would a person who is abusing his powers be so obvious with so public a demonstration?

Mind you, there are so many things shielded away from public knowledge of BN's abuse of power in their 50 years of dominant and domineering rule. I do not have to list the items here as it would fill the whole page.

The rakyat knows already. That is why the rakyat was fed up with them and at the March 2008 GE, they got a large dose of their own (BN) medicine in defeat. Then come their racial shouting games in Permatang Pauh which disgusted the general rakyat again.

Again, their total defeat in Kuala Terengganu despite their spending of RM500 million. The next dirty game was the seizing of the Perak state government.

To use money to buy support is not corruption? What is the MACC doing? If our elected representatives are so noble and switch camps on grounds of integrity and political principles, the rakyat would have accepted their moves.

But for money? Isn't that abusing your powers? Obviously, this country needs to totally revamp all government institutions before the rakyat can feel free of abuse from the powers that are ruling them now.

Can the BN sincerely change and show genuine independence for these institutions - the police force; the judiciary; and the MACC?

If the present government can't do it (not by talk only or window dressing moves) then move away and let the new political force come in and do it. That's what the rakyat needs now.

Christina: Call a snap 13 th general election now!

Our MACC is not independent, our police are not independent, our courts are not independent, our Election Commission is not independent, our government is not independent.

They're all rubbish. We, the rakyat want a new government which can bring benefits to all people.

KH: Reading such reports as the above is more heart-sickening day by day. We spend so much time on cows and cars rather than tackling the global issues ahead on us.

The Selangor MB should have been more sensitive towards anything he does. He could have been wrong. But cows and cars? Come on!

Of course, the Toyo fellow looks so desperate that he picks on cows and car to whack with now. He's just got no more capital. And I thought the MACC were supposed to follow up on the Toyo case?

By the way, who's going to catch the MACC if they are corrupt themselves?

Sang Kancil: Whether it is ACA or MACC, you can name it in different version but they are all the same. They only ago after Pakatan Rakyat and not BN.

They were trained in such a way that they are triggered the moment they receive report against Pakatan Rakyat.

Time has come for these guys to change otherwise they will be wiped out after the next election.

So Letek: What childish investigating by the MACC. They should maintain an absolute neutral stand and should not at all be concerned about the status and position of the person or persons they are investigating.

Only then can we believe that MACC is truly independent and transparent.

Does this mean that the ex-MB Selangor has a strong cable link to MACC or he is enjoying a strong mandate from the ‘sleeping PM' to accuse the opposition leaders of anything?

This is actually a dirty trick by he ex-MB to fool Umno members in order to win at the coming Umno elections. This type of cheap publicity had been in practice ever since there was an Umno general meeting.

Shame on you, all those who have said unkind remarks about Khalid Ibrahim.

G-man: MACC, which many hoped to be impartial and unbiased seems to be nothing more than a BN lapdog, as demonstrated by the handling of the car and cow matter by them.

I am sure by virtue of importance, this case surely is far behind the likes of the rest of the cases of corruption, which implicate BN leaders.

If this is how its going to be, why bother with the MACC at all; its just a waste of taxpayers' money, which we might as well spend on private investigators.

Absolutely degrading and disgusting

Kaisim The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is hardly six months old. After a long search and debate in trying to get an institution that can act without fear and favor, we are now back to square one.

The MACC is not seen to be fair in its investigation and action. It is beholden to Umno members, judging from the cases reported in the media. The police are also dragging their feet when comes to Umno wrongdoings.

Today, we are like living in a country where the law of the jungle exists. Umno has forgotten that Malaysia is a multi-racial country. What did we do to deserve this treatment?

Generally, we work hard for an honest and humble living. This is a democratic society so we have the right to choose the best people to run the country. All that we ask for is to be fair and then leave us alone.

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