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YourSay 2: 'Many would agree with Karpal'
Published:  Feb 28, 2009 3:27 AM
Updated: 3:35 AM

your say 'As a Malay Muslim I was ashamed to see 20 Umno Youth members ganging-up on a wheelchair-bound man. This is not right and is in fact very un-Islamic.’

On Would you like being called 'celaka Singh'?

Dude: In this scenario, Umno youth should get their facts right. If they say 'Singh celaka' then they would be referring and hurting all Sikhs in Malaysia. However, if they say Karpal 'celaka', then they are referring to him only.

In addition, Umno Youth exco member Reezan Merican Nainan Merican should not blow the issue out of proportion as not all Malays were hurt or angered when the veteran politician labelled Umno Youth as celaka.

Umno can no longer claim that they represent all Malays in Malaysia so please get your story straight.

As a Malay Muslim I was ashamed to see 20 Umno Youth members ganging-up on a wheelchair-bound man. This is not right and is in fact very un-Islamic.

The facts speak for themselves. The rakyat is watching. Challenging the veteran politician to speak up outside of Parliament and then challenging him outside is a cowardly act by Khairy Jamaluddin who has kept up with his reputation as being the ‘Mat Rempit King’.

I am Malay and a Muslim. I do not associate myself with Umno Youth. I am not angered nor hurt in any manner. There are many others like me who would agree with Karpal Singh.

Fade2grey: Karpal did not insult an ethnic group; he only criticised an organisation which he has little respect for. Karpal sent an insult to Umno Youth, not to Malays.

Reezal is threatening to criticise an entire ethnic group whereas Karpal criticised and insulted an organisation claiming to represent all Malays (falsely so, if I may add).

Anyway, judging by Umno Youth's actions in the Parliament, I would say that Karpal had a point when he said what he said.

Machaa Dude:

The above report tells of the arrogant and racist attempts at justifying the mobbing of Karpal Singh, a democratically-elected representative, lest we forget.

It is indeed funny that a confused Indian who happens to be a Muslim is jumping and frothing at the mouth while the Malays that he claims to 'represent' are obviously unperturbed by the show of 'kingliness' by Karpal.

Let me remind you, our confused Reezal Merican, that the only people slighted here are the oversensitive and the ‘I-can-say-as-I-please-but-you-better-shut-up’ members of Pemuda Umno, not our Malay brothers.

Please, they've had enough of your sickening mollycoddling, and they most definitely didn't ask for a spokesperson with denigrating remarks about Sikhs in this country.

After all, Karpal aptly said ‘Pemuda Umno celaka’ though the choice of language could've been a more palatable one.

But then again, can you blame an old wheelchair-bound man who got threatened with live bullets and having to face a bunch of thugs in the once-hallowed halls of the Parliament House?

And for heavens’ sake, Pemuda Umno, please have a look at Astro once in awhile apart from your beloved RTM. You'd notice a trailer about a movie ‘Singh is Kinng’, which was used as a pun play by Karpal in the Dewan Rakyat.

Karpal wasn't insulting the rulers that you so unabashedly claim to profess 'loyalty' to, as claimed by Mukhriz and Khairy.

All in all, a show of sandiwara by the crybabies of Pemuda Umno, and a pathetic attempt at altering the situation to their own advantage.

Baiyuensheng: If we were to curse Karpal by saying 'celaka Singh', it would surely anger the Sikh community.

Well, one thing for sure, the Sikh community would not barged into Parliament and intimidate anybody.

The other communities have been hurt so many times by Umno and if we had acted like how they do, the country would not have enjoyed peace. We handle things differently and are more mature in keeping our emotions in check.

What Reezal was saying is this: ‘If you are 'insulted' especially by another race (but its okay for us to insult others), you must fight back literally’.

Maniam Sankar: Karpal has done nothing to demean the sultan nor stop any debate. To call him celaka is therefore unwarranted and offensive.

May I remind Reezal Merican that Karpal used the term celaka on Umno Youth only because of their selective criticism of him while having nothing to say about Mahathir taking away the rulers’ powers.

Umno Youth’s continued, frenzied attempts to stifle discussion on the matter instead of engaging in reasonable debate surely makes them celaka for ‘moron-ising’ the nation.

Karpal was not totally wrong when he said Umno Youth (probably) sent him the bullets. In the context of all the Umno Youth frenzy thus far over Karpal, that is a reasonable assumption.

The more so as neither Reezal nor any Umno Youth bigwig has seen fit to chastise the wing for weighing down on free debate to advance nationhood.

If Reezal has points to debate; make them. Don’t stifle debate as the nation will be the loser. That would be celaka behavior.

Lim Chong Leong: There is no comparison in calling Karpal ‘celaka Singh’ and Karpal calling ‘Pemuda Umno celaka’.

Firstly, let us see who protested at Karpal’s home and office. And then Karpal receives a death note and two live bullets. Surely he is right to assume that the protestors had something to do with the death threat and bullets.

Now to try to justify Umno Youth’s actions in mobbing Karpal. Karpal never protested at anybody’s home or office or sent death threats and bullets so there is no real reason to name-call him

Secondly, while they would certainly be hurt, more so because the word is totally unjustified, the Sikh community would never mob the person who said these words to Karpal. So there is really no comparison.

Carpal Sing: In the first place, Karpal Singh only denigrated Umno Youth, which does not represent the entire Malay community.

On 'Singh is King' mobbed, MP claims assault

Avinder Singh Gill: Khairy should first look at his own backyard before opening his mouth.

Asking an MP to repeat allegations outside Parliament is not only childish but only shows his immaturity.

If he holds true to what is just and what is right, he should first ask Bung Mokhtar to repeat the insult about women that he so defiantly made last year or the insult that he made about persons in wheelchairs.

That particular allegation resulted in a protest in Parliament by those who were wheelchair bound but lo and behold, Khairy was nowhere to be seen much less heard.

So please Khairy, concentrate on moving out with your dad-in-law and leave the governing to the persons who know how to do it.

Munpiew Soong: A reminder first to Khairy that he is not representing all Malaysians as my family members and I did not vote for him or the party he is representing.

Secondly, Khairy, please don't call others a liar when you are one yourself. Thirdly, Umno Youth is real gangster in the eye of the public and they are now bringing their gangsterism to Parliament.

In no time, Malaysia's Parliament would become an institution for the corrupt and the lawless.

Is it right for Umno Youth members take the law into their own hands when the 'provocation' came from a very old and physically-challenged lawyer?

Doesn't Umno Youth have any intellectual capital to rebut what he said in Parliament? Fourthly, where were the policemen and security personnel who are supposed to provide MPs with protection against hooligans like Umno Youth members?

Are they agreeing with the Umno Youth hooligans that the MPs who provoke them should be punished by ‘hooligans' law’?

Ong: Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club chairperson Tiong King Sing expressed his regret over this incident and apologised to Karpal in a half-hearted and insincere manner.

His apology and expression of regret was followed by his statement that: ‘No doubt what they have done is wrong but I want to stress that BN and opposition party members should maintain our cool and not cause provocation in the House.’ What?

Right now in Malaysia, the only way to ensure that one does not provoke Umno members, especially those from Umno Youth, is to either praise Umno or keep quiet.

Any criticism of Umno can ‘provoke’ and send its members into an uncontrollable frenzy and whatever their actions, they seem to escape punishment by our law enforcement agencies.

Malaysia Boleh: Umno is above the law. They can act Illegally and no one will take action. If Pakatan Rakyat Youth did the same, they would have been arrested immediately.

Disgusted Rakyat:

This is the height of ‘suppressmacy’ and cowardice – to threaten, bully, hit, torture Karpal who is unfortunately wheelchair-bound.

Events over the last few months are turning very, very ugly and it is very obvious that it is for political mileage in the coming Umno elections.

But who suffers? The rakyat who are now praying for a divine Intervention to cleanse these spoilt menaces who behave that they are above the Almighty God.

Ashamed Malaysian: As I read about the mob attack on Karpal Singh happening right in Parliament House and saw the incident on TV, my pride as a Malaysian evaporated.

I never dreamt that I would live so see such a shameless, crude and brute-force attack happening right in the august house of Parliament. This incident raises so many disturbing questions.

1. Is it right to take the law into our own hands under any circumstances?

2.Is it right for a mob of hooligans and mobsters to make their way into Parliament House and try to beat up an elected parliamentarian?

3.Is it right for a group of angry young men to bully and try to beat up a senior citizen on a wheelchair? Please put aside racial and political blinders to answer this most basic of human rights violation.

4.Was it not Umno Youth that had continuously been provoking and harassing Karpal by making so many police reports and holding demonstrations in front of his office?

5.Why are the police not taking any action against these hooligans? Why this kind of double standards.?

6.Why are the Umno veterans and senior politicians as well as other BN politicians silent on this kind of totally unacceptable, uncivilised behaviour? Are they tacitly agreeing and supporting these kind of behaviour?

Umno Youth’s behaviour towards Karpal Singh in Parliament only demonstrates that his comments about them was right.

To respond with thuggish behaviour (especially in Parliament!) only serves to confirm in the public eye what Karpal said.

Granted that the old man has been getting cranky recently so it would have been a lot more civilised for Umno Youth to have just brushed off his comments and shown itself to be above such low-class behaviour.

I’m sure that lots of Malays in this country, especially those from PAS and PKR heartily agree with Karpal’s comment and do not feel offended by it.

Appum: I feel disgusted and fully ashamed to be a Malaysian when I saw the mobster-like behaviour of Umno Youth when ‘attacking’ Karpal Singh. These detestable actions were carried out in the very sanctified place of the Malaysian Parliament.

Where is the dignity of Umno Youth in participating in such acts? Is the country in a ‘reverse mode’ or are we supposed to move forward? Dare we talk about Vision 2020 as a developed nation?

Developed nations would not tolerate gangster-behaviour from so-called potential leaders (youths) who will one day lead the nation. Imagine such people being the leaders of this country.

They cannot even take criticisms and argue out their stand intelligently. All they know is how to threaten others and take to violence.

I would expect the president of Umno and the prime minister to come out to denounce such vile actions. I would expect more Umno leaders and fellow parliamentarians to strongly condemn such behaviour.

But instead, a running candidate for the Umno Youth president’s post tries to justify such behavior.

That is not the kind statement we citizens of Malaysia expect from a potential statesman and one seeking leadership. All good leaders will condemn wrong actions no matter by which quarter.

I am ashamed of leadership in this country called Malaysia.

Jing Yi Lim: I am truly disappointed with the latest scuffle involving Karpal Singh and a number of Umno Youth members at the Parliament lobby.

I can't help but wonder what prompted these Umno Youth members to resort to such a low-class, uncivilised way to demand an apology from Karpal Singh.

Mobbing, regardless of its purpose, should not have been adopted in the very first place, especially in a country which strives to become a developed nation.

It does not educate our children; it does not reduce crime rate; it does not increase our GDP nor does it eradicate poverty. What good does it do to us? No good at all!

In fairness, Karpal Singh should not be spared from blame. He, a ‘Yang Berhormat’, should not have used the term celaka, such a rude word, in Parliament.

All the members of Parliament are expected to serve as role models for the people. The immunity granted to them is for them to express their opinions candidly on issues concerning our country and not for them to pick quarrels.

Nevertheless, after the incident, high-ranking leaders of Umno Youth, such as Khairy Jamaluddin and Reezal Merican, did not condemn their subordinates' misbehavior nor apologise to the public but seemed to endorse this barbarous conduct.

By showing support for such action, our Parliament ‘warp’ bit by bit into another Taiwan Parliament which literally is a laughing stock of the international community.

If Umno leaders do not want to take disciplinary action against them, or if the police fail to investigate this matter in a fair and just manner, we, the rakyat, should do so by all means.