An officer who knows nothing about rights

VOXPOP 'Farid claimed not to know that freedom of assembly is guaranteed by the federal constitution. So it is all right?'

Cop unaware of constitutional right to assembly

vox populi small thumbnailDisbeliever: Are there many more who are like inspector Farid Sairi, who do not know that freedom of assembly is a constitutional right?

If there are ten of thousands like him, then I feel sorry for PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police). Come to think of it, I can't blame them entirely as we do have a particular senior police officer who said that the treatment of handcuffing a 19-year old teenager is mild.

When the head is rotten, what do we expect of the tail?

Stella Ling: Farid claimed not to know that freedom of assembly is guaranteed by the federal constitution. So it is all right?

Is that why the two rapists of underaged girls are let off scot-free? Because they are not aware that this is against the law? We can all now shit on PM Najib Razak's photo and say we don't it is wrong to do so.

Every criminal will now say he/she does not know what they did was against the law. Stupid police don't know that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Ksn: Is this police officer under the misconception that once a police officer, the officer is licensed to do anything without regard to the laws and the rights of citizens?

Should not the PDRM be at the forefront to exhibit that they themselves are bound by laws and that they adhere to them strictly and impartially?

If this is an example of the ignorance of officers to the laws of the country and rights of citizens, it is a very frightening and shameful state of affairs, is it not, folks?

The situation does not speak well of the exposure and training of our PDRM. What has the IGP (police chief) to say about this matter?

Fair And Open: Bersih 3.0 was intended to be the biggest peaceful event in Malaysia but Najib hijacked the noble intention and turned it into the biggest police brutality training in Malaysian history.

Kolopilah: In the olden days in the ‘kampung' parents specifically looked for prospective sons-in-law from either the 'polis' or 'askar'.

What they wanted to know was the sons-in-law are 'tetap dan berpencen' even though they know the sons-in-law are stupid, 'pass darjah 6' and 'SPM pun tak lepas'. The daughters were grinning from ear to ear and can then live happily ever after.

Now to be a 'polis prebet', one only have to have a 'pass' in either the PMR or SPM. So what can you expect, they are simply incapable of thinking anything.

You simply can't really expect 'monkeys to guard the flowers' or the 'foxes to guard the hen pen.

Nadarajan Rengasamy: Why was he sent to take charge of a crowd exercising their constitutional right to assemble when he does not even know the basic law.

No wonder, they went bashing people up because they didn't know the people has the right to assemble. I wonder what is the criteria to become a police inspector nowadays.

Foo: Can you beat that? Maybe you have not read/heard of the constitution too? Please tell what did they teach you when you're undergoing you police training? BTN (Biro Tatanegara)?

Rafizi applies for Bafia charge to be dropped

Dont Just Talk: Dream on PKR leader N Surendran, what you are asking is for the moon, while the government under Umno is hell-bent at making PKR director of strategy Mohd Rafizi Ramli an example to teach the opposition party a lesson.

We have the Whistleblowers Act and instead of protecting the whistleblowers, they are detained and charged.

We have a 19-year-old lass detained and handcuffed for stomping on photographs of Najib, but Perkasa and Umno members are permitted to pee on Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat's photograph, and to spit, stomp and burn the photograph of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Anonymous #63753867: Bank Negara Malaysia has become another lapdog of Umno, not recently but a while back.

It is no longer the Bank Negara of the pre-2000 when it was the best and most efficient department of the corrupt Umno-BN government.

Mushiro: Indeed, Bank Negara has become a call boy of Umno and Najib. NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) boss Mohd Salleh Ismail should be charged under the Anti-Money Laundering Act for siphoning millions out to Singapore.

Bank Negara is a big bully when it comes to small financial institutions and small moneychangers.

We The Rakyat: Let's make no mistake about it. All government institutions under BN rule are lapdogs of BN.

After all, the people heading these institutions are appointed by the BN and they owe allegiance to BN.

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