‘Bogus Potus’ - Part I

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I have defined ‘an idiocrat’ as any public official within any jurisdiction who does not understand the rule of law principle and instead seeks to rule by his/her interpretation of those laws, or by fiat, or premised upon personal bias.

The newest President Of The United States (Potus), whom I choose to call ‘Donald Dedak Dumb Trump’, has created massive confusion in the US, especially with states and companies, and with all its friends, allies, and goodwill partners who upheld the laws before.

‘Bogus Potus’ has created so many problems for all honest and true public servants; who choose to serve according to their historic appreciation and understanding of their federal constitution. Moreover, as the German chancellor has said, the US is also disregarding the human rights codes of the United Nations on the handling of refugees.

His so-called ‘executive orders’ seem to reflect his ignorance and complete lack of experience with being in any public office. The closest he came to hold such an office of public trust, I suppose, was within the Trump Foundation. Even there, if I am not wrong, he may have failed rather miserably but I will let the courts decide that case and then the world will know the truth.

As a former public policy person, I consider his executive orders not only childish but also reflect his bigotry and complete lack of knowledge (or, his complete ignorance) about ‘inter-national relations and inter-state-relations’. The most obvious ignorance is about what his role, position, and decorum expected of the Office of the Potus; regardless of who is the holder.

To me, he appears to have still not assumed the Office of Potus. He still genuinely thinks he is still only running a multi-billion or multi-trillion dollar company. Nothing can be further from the truth. The holder of the Office of Potus must be someone who respectfully upholds and models democracy as a virtue and value.

Although he is only one leader of a significant global nation which assumed a key role in the last two world wars, the Potus is still the most powerful democratic voice in the world, with a veto voice in the United Nations Security Council.

Therefore, it may be time now for the rest of the world to say, “Enough is enough”. It may be time to move beyond the two world wars originating in the West; and begin rebuilding a truly newer world order based on truth, sincerity, and mutual regard of each other.

Relying upon merely untruthful logic of social-media ‘twitter-ology’ and their concomitant misinformation or ‘alternative facts’ as the White House calls them, is not the way the rest of the world want to see inter-state relationships to grow.

Simply creating false superheroes or cowboy heroes (vide media modes) is not the way the current rules were written for order in the world and most parameters of the real world has changed; and it is equally easy to deteriorate into a world of new disorder.

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