Proton discount a brief respite from ‘ketuananism’

Opinion  |  S Thayaparan
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“As ‘masters’ on our own land, bumiputeras or Malays indeed deserve to enjoy the privileges at all times, although we have succeeded in narrowing the gap between races in the country.”

- Sohaimi Shahadan, Umno supreme council member

COMMENT | The only problem I have with Proton’s decision to give a discount to members of the Federation of Hokkien Associations of Malaysia is that it did not apply to all Chinese Malaysians, including the ones who can demonstrate that one of their parents is Chinese.

I agree with Proton’s contention that there is nothing “special” about this privilege because if it was special, people who purchased Protons under this scheme would have a one-year licence to make racist and seditious remarks against their fellow countrymen (the least of the systemic imbalances) and would not be sanctioned when the state security apparatus comes a calling.

In fact, I urge Proton with its close ties to the Najib regime to look into the possibility of expanding the “specialness” of this deal as soon as possible.

I would go further. What I would like to see is that every investment done by PRC (China) companies in Malaysia or if PRC companies acquire a sufficient stake in Malaysian companies, to give a discount to every Chinese Malaysians, including those non-Chinese who can demonstrate that one of their parents is Chinese. This should be considered standard policy and Chinese Malaysians should defend this policy and dismiss all those who question it as racist and seditious.

This policy should apply to everything. Land, houses, cars, jewellery, any and everything of monetary value including services. This also naturally includes sex workers from mainland China because as we all know, the Islamists and racists within the Malay community claim that every woman from China is a prostitute.

MIC’s S Vell Paari asked: “Is Proton playing the caste or clan game.” I say it is about time. After all, the only people that really play the “caste” game is MIC and there is sufficient evidence to back up this claim, but this idea that the “racism” of the Malay establishment needs defending by the likes of MIC in concert with Islamists like Isma (Malaysian Muslim Solidarity) is laughable.

What I want to know is why haven’t all those glorious investments from India that MIC bigwigs always crow about, benefited the Indian community? Where are the Indian discounts? MIC lackeys are always making trips to India to extol the virtues of Malaysia to the plutocrats of India. What the hell is MIC doing if Proton can now offer discounts to certain members of the Chinese community while all MIC can do is allegedly assault Tamil Malar employees who disagree with the party?

I mean really, if politicians cannot chip away or devalue 'ketuananism', why not the private sector? You could argue that because of meritocracy - or what passes for it in this country - and the fact that the majority community wants job security, hence the civil service, it is about time that screwed-up policies are challenged even if it means that only a certain section of the Chinese community benefits from it. Start small, I say.

Meanwhile, Isma who at least are honest in their religious extremism and bigotry are in twisted knickers territory – again – because they can only cry “racism” and help – unintentionally – Pakatan Harapan’s anti-PRC rhetoric. It is tough being a Malay supremacist when the Malay establishment has to rely on China to bail it out or so it is claimed.

Isma is probably wondering why the PRC can’t be more like the House of Saud. Throw money at a current regime and not expect anything in return...

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