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Unmasking the moderate Malay mind, and putting Malaysia first

COMMENT | The difference between an oyster and a moderate Malay is that it is easier to prise open an oyster than to open the Malay mind.

If you converse with some Malays, be prepared to spend hours going around in circles.

Try not to blame him, because he is the product of 50 years of brain-washing, the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) and our education system.

Most of the time, your questions will be met with blank stares. Summon your inner reserves, when he replies with "They will not approve..." or "They will say..."

When you remind him, that you are asking him, and not the invisible "them", he keeps quiet.

My conversation with one 'moderate' Malay started when he urged me to give Muhyiddin Yassin a chance.

I responded with, "He stole our votes from GE14. Neither you, nor I, voted for him. Why let him get away with it?"

After a long silence, he said, "Let Muhyiddin prove himself..."

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