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COMMENT | Muhyiddin, maruah and Malay dignity

COMMENT | I know who is destroying the Malays, but do you?

Trying to decipher the Malay psyche is not difficult, because it all boils down to Malay maruah, or dignity. In other words, ego.

When I asked some Malays, what holds the "other" Malays back, their answers include greed. The Malay insolence. Being too lazy to read and discover facts. They are master procrastinators who prefer to wait for God and the afterlife to punish wrongdoers. Their word is not their bond, and they think they know best.

The Malay has delusions of grandeur, and this affliction has been fed by Umno-Baru. The lives of those under 40 years have been conditioned by the three "Rs". If you're Malay, you are taken care of from the cradle to the grave. If you are part of the VVIP set or belong to an elite political group, you are practically an "untouchable" and can do no wrong. If you're non-Malay, you must toe the line.

For the past 60 years, the politicians from Umno, Umno-Baru and recently, PAS, together with their cybertroopers, have brainwashed Malays with the mantra, "The Malays need protecting; Islam needs to be defended". The non-Malays and the progressive Malays, whom they term liberal or deviant, are openly mocked.

When we asked, whom or what was threatening the Malays and Islam, no response was forthcoming...

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