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ADUN SPEAKS | Is the cabinet superior to Parliament?

ADUN SPEAKS | What we see before our eyes in Malaysia today is nothing less than a heinous perversion of the very democratic institution that is supposed to protect national interest - committed by those who are in power to preserve their own political agenda at the expense of the spirit and substance of democracy itself.

We see that Parliament proceedings are being stifled, even relegated to be a mere one-way forum for the executive to "brief" MPs on the emergency, a matter of grave national urgency and importance.

Honourable elected members of the superior and august Parliament are dishonoured.

They are being denied their rights to assess the government by debating and voting on the emergency and the ordinances promulgated thereunder.

The executive is exercising all its powers and exploiting all legal imperfections to circumvent its parent body - the legislature - from assessing its decisions and actions, and ultimately avoiding its own likely fall from grace.

Not allowing any motions to be voted on, whether it be a confidence motion or...

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