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COMMENT | Looking beyond the ballot box to effect change
COMMENT | We are obviously, or obliviously to some, sliding towards an early general election.

Many have decided to write off this election as a return to the “bad old days” with a resurgent Umno potentially winning the lion’s share of seats.

Meanwhile, the opposition continues to look uninspiring two years post-Sheraton Move, which has disappointed many, to put it lightly.

I don’t blame people for feeling that way. As an observer and collateral damage of the half-baked political coup by Bersatu and former PKR MPs in 2020, it felt fairly obvious a few months into the lockdown that the collapsed government and herald of a ‘New Malaysia’ did not have a plan to get out of its rut.

Two years on, can anyone honestly say that Pakatan Harapan has grown as a coalition?

In my humble opinion, they have not, but I would not lay the blame solely at the feet of those who have held high political office for decades, and in some cases for as long as I have been alive).

It cannot just be up to the same individuals we have seen at the helm for the last quarter-century, who we are also more than happy to blame for each and every mistake.

For the benefit of all, let us stop blaming people for just a moment.

In fact, let’s step away from the rhetoric of the ballot box for a second and...
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