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COMMENT | Anwar confirmed Najib’s comeback

“Najib is setting the stage for a political comeback, but what is Anwar's plan?”

– Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT | Three years ago, when there was this rather dumb petition that Najib Abdul Razak’s trials be broadcast live – a move an initially reluctant Najib embraced - I thought the government had dodged the bullet when it came to shots fired by the media-savvy former prime minister when then communications and multimedia minister Gobind Singh Deo nixed the idea of state-owned media broadcasting live telecasts of Najib's trials.

While numerous Pakatan Harapan officials continue the strategy of attacking Najib, what they miss is that the allegations against Najib did not remove him from Umno, it did not result in a populist revolt in the Umno base, and it has not resulted in disavowal from the Umno establishment.

What is dangerous about this Najib sandiwara is how the extremist forces in this country have...

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