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MP SPEAKS | Was Muhyiddin a closet reformer?

MP SPEAKS | House speaker Azhar Azizan Harun took everyone by surprise when at the launch of the book, ‘Muhyiddin Yassin: Leading a Nation in Unprecedented Crisis’ by Abdul Mutalib Razak, he described the country’s eighth prime minister as a “reformist” who “many choose to overlook, for whatever reason they may have”.

Was Muhyiddin a closet reformer but who never came out of the closet?

Azhar is dead wrong when he said Muhyiddin “never asked for the job” of prime minister.

I should know because Muhyiddin asked me for DAP support to be prime minister way back in July 2016 – in a cloak-and-dagger meeting at the Le Meridien Hotel in Kuala Lumpur - but I declined to do so as the DAP was committed to Anwar Ibrahim as the prime minister candidate.

Muhyiddin will forever be remembered for five failures...

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