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    • PAS not at Bersatu launch because of Amanah and DAP

      PAS veep Iskandar Abdul Samad says the absence of party reps at the launch does not mean they are in cahoots with BN. Read more

    • Rafizi: Shahrir evading facts by rubbishing my maths

      PKR veep says the numbers he provided are based on official reports. Read more

      Geraldine Tong

    • Employed undocumented foreigners to get gov't cards

      Moratorium on hiring foreign workers in some sectors also lifted. Read more

    • Devotees pray at Sin Sze Si Ya Temple in the lead up to the Chinese New Year.   Read more

      Photo by Syukri Ariffin


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            Shameful injustice

            How can we change this form of mis-governance?

            KJ John
            'KJ John'

            Enforcement, not more laws

            If only Najib would use his magic touch.

            Mariam Mokhtar
            'Mariam Mokhtar'

            M’sia does not need a miracle, it needs a functional opposition

            ‘Waiting for miracles to happen absolves the opposition.’

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'


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