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    • PKR rep evicted from S'wak after Immigration, police gatecrash dinner

      UPDATED 10.17PM | Chua Yee Ling is escorted out of a PKR dinner in Miri by Immigration and police officers. Read more

    • Subra: Enemies from within can destroy MIC

      He chides MIC leaders who have jumped the gun in naming themselves as GE14 candidates. Read more


    • Rosmah's aide denies breaking civil service rules

      Rizal Mansor denies PKR veep Rafizi Ramli's allegations, says he merely airs personal views on Facebook.  Read more

    • Malaysia's para athlete Muhamad Ashraf Muhammad Haisham leads the race during the finals of the 800 metres T46 event at the 9th Asean Para Games. Read more


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            Word Wars 3

            But on second thoughts even Communism can be counted as a kind of religion or at least anti-religion, and Kimism as a quasi-religious dynastic cult.

            Dean Johns
            'Dean Johns'

            Forex RCI - what it has, and has not, established

            Not much, going by the proceedings which have since ended.

            P Gunasegaram
            'P Gunasegaram'

            How can a beer fest be a security threat?

            All this appears to be an afterthought and a shameful charade.

            R Nadeswaran
            'R Nadeswaran'


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