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Rule of law except for the rich or the connected?

Lim Teck Chye

LETTER | I recall reading recently about how a group of politicians were nabbed while engaging in a drug-fuelled party in Kuala Lumpur, along with some women.

Among them included an assemblyperson from Bersatu who blatantly denied the allegation when asked by the media.

However, since the incident last month, everything seems to have quietened down and no action seems to have been taken.

As a registered voter, I believe it is my right to know what happened to these politicians and what kind of action was taken against them.

Was there some kind of cover-up just because they were politicians and belonged to a certain political party?

Back then when Mohamad Sabu’s son was nabbed also for drug abuse, it was clearly reported that he was duly charged in court.

In fact, I salute Mat Sabu for being so open about the entire incident and not using his political power to cover it up.

I also learnt from social media recently that the son of a very rich businessperson who is also closely linked to our "Number One" was also nabbed for a drug-related offence.

However, when he was finally charged, there was a total media blackout and nothing was ever reported.

This is something the owners of the media need to explain. Was there some hanky-panky involved and were these media moguls paid not to report the incident? 

And if it is fake news, then why wasn't this explained as well?

I thought when Pakatan Harapan came into power there would be freedom of expression and a free press?

Well, certainly does not look that way considering how the rich and powerful are still getting away with lots of wrongdoings.

As a voter, I am truly disappointed over this kind of preferential treatment and want to know why the incidents mentioned above went unreported or were not clarified.

Also, I would like to bring to attention what was highlighted by Subang MP, Wong Chen recently over the nation’s dismal economic performance.

Our economic affairs minister must come forward and explain why our GDP for the third quarter of last year was so low at only 3.6 per cent and overall growth for last year was only 4.3 per cent.

This was the lowest in the last ten years and we want to know why. Was it because the minister concerned was too busy “attending to other more pressing matters”?

I may just be an ordinary citizen, but I am a voter and it is my right to know what happened.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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