LETTER | Cardinal Fernandez leaves behind indelible mark of justice and peace

JD Lovrenciear


"Truly my soul silently awaits for God; from Him comes my salvation." 

- (Psalms 62:1)

LETTER | As word of His Emminence Cardinal Antony Soter Fernandez's passing-on broke on the noon of Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020, thousands of people who know this humble pastor took to social media.

Responsible and honourable media have penned tributes and accolades to this Man of God.

Indeed here is a man, a priest, a citizen who had won the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of people with his trademark humility, simplicity and steadfastness.

Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and those of other faiths as well had come to recognise this bubbly, ever-smiling, living, saintly man for his passion for peace, understanding and for accepting with grace Creation's best gift - all of humanity in the name of justice.

From being a humble priest, he rose to the tough calling of being a Bishop, an Archbishop and finally becoming Malaysia's first Cardinal.

And as rightly published by Malaysiakini, here is one man, a leader and true shepherd of his flock who truly stood tall and towering for justice and peace even at the heights of the oppressive political reign of 'Operations Lalang' in the 1987s.

The lessons he certainly left us all - Malaysians of all faiths and followings, must not go to waste especially in a climate where racial divisiveness and religious bigotry have become the secret weapons of war to garner and consolidate power and control.

The late Cardinal has set a benchmark that should not be lost or marred.

His inter-faith living lessons must march onward in bringing us all together ever more closely with respect, acceptance and honour all for the love of God and nation.

Let us in prayer remember this gift to all Malaysians. Let us in life's onward journey be constantly reminded of his leadership virtues of humility, simplicity and steadfastness as we all strive to uphold our respective faiths for onward our nationhood.

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