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LETTER | GE15: Time to rise on own merits rather than form 'kongsi' party

LETTER | As the social media space heats up with speculations of a general election by September this year or early 2023, political party wigs are mooting all sorts of 'kongsi' schemes.

While big tent or coalitions or even forging memorandums of understanding may sound like grand plans to clinch more seats in the 15th general election, what all these means is that each of the many political parties we have in the country do not have the confidence and track record to emerge victorious independently.

What all these fine branded names like a big tent, coalition, partnerships or entering into an 'understanding' between parties really mean is that none of them is able to count on their own merits.

Whatever happened to all their party credo or their 'articles of faith'?

Indeed, it is not unfounded to say that such pre-election 'kongsi' ideas only reflect an erosion of leadership and their lack of confidence in their parties’ track record.

It also echoes a din of how corrupt and deceptive politicians have become so much so they need to 'kongsi' between parties for a desperate shortcut route to power.

When a decades-old political party cannot stand on its own, propagate a manifesto that is deliverable by its leaders and is not confident of proclaiming its past commendable services to people and nation, any form of 'kongsi' power is an attempt to deceive the voters.

In fact, the most honourable thing to do is to only enter into a coalition or power-sharing after you have marched through the polls as an independent party.

Only then can we say for sure that the party/parties are truly committed to nation-building.

Over to all our political party leaders. Let us hear your response.

In the meantime, I think Malaysians must in no uncertain terms tell off our politicians that their forging of any 'kongsi' schemes for the GE15 is a bluff to high heavens.

In fact, it is just as shameful a ploy as frogging after an election.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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