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Uproar over harsh interrogation tactics
Published:  Jul 18, 2009 4:05 AM
Updated: 11:15 AM

‘It sickens me to see that MACC is allowed to systematically harass and mentally torture opposition leaders and their aides...’.

On Last man to see Teoh: MACC threatened me

Distressed ordinary citizen: After reading about Teoh Beng Hock’s death, I am left speechless with the injustice that has been done on an innocent man. I can only guess what he was made to go through after I read the Kajang municipal councillor’s account of his interrogation.

It sickens me to see that Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is allowed to systematically harass and mentally torture opposition leaders and their aides whilst those in BN who had stolen billions of the rakyat’s money can sleep peacefully in cosy bungalows built with ill-gotten money.

What kind of country is this? What kind of government do we have that endorses cruel interrogation techniques for political gains? What kind of prime minister do we have who allows his deputy to try to squirm his way out of such a scandalous situation?

They all have blood on their hands. The blood of Teoh. The blood of the rakyat who toil and labour to eke out a decent living, who have their hard-earned money taxed and then have those taxes used to finance operations like MACC.

Decent-minded people cannot allow our government to continue holding on to power by such foul means. Let the rakyat never ever forget this. Let the rakyat not be fooled by the big-time public relations exercise going on now. This government has to go.

Jeffery: Why Teoh? This is not the first time our country has heard of people falling from buildings - there were similar cases of Indian Malaysians who were held in police custody. Indeed, there were cases like Teoh’s in the past but Malaysians were not interested because the dead were Indians.

MACC officers are not as professional as our police and they have misjudged the importance of this guy. They thought he was just like any ordinary guy who was expandable. Yes, everything is expendable for the sake of national security according to the current system.

MACC has apparently used racial slurs during their interrogation and Malaysians must stand for human rights in this country.

Kayu Around: It is blatantly obvious that the MACC is only capable of flexing its muscles and wide powers and going after just fish fry - nothing more. Its officers cannot catch any bigger fish because that's the best they can do and show to the public. MACC boleh!

On DPM appeals for calm

Patriot: Muhyiddin, the corrupt DPM who tried to bribe Manek Urai's voters using our (public) money with a bridge, can go fly a kite. This is my most polite response to his appeal for calm.

How can we be calm when our public institutions like the MACC, police and the judiciary, are being misused to prosecute the federal opposition, in this case hounding the aide of a politician to death.

Go tell that to Nazri who after asking people not to speculate , jumped to the conclusion that the late Teoh Beng Hock had jumped to his death.

On Stop fueling hatred against MACC

Peter Ooi: Stop fueling hatred against MACC? This statement makes my blood boil till the mercury overshot the thermometer. Especially when it comes from none other than Khir Toyo.

Khir Toyo said that when he was questioned by MACC his conversation with the officers were recorded on CCTV. I believe that Teoh's 'conversation' with the officers were recorded too.

Why not Teoh's lawyers compare the nature of questioning with that of Khir Toyo and let us see whether they practise the same standard of questioning?

Khir stated: “The difference is, BN politicians do not make MACC the 'scapegoat'”. It makes me laugh!

Khir Toyo, why should BN politicians make a scapegoat out of MACC? Tell me, so far did MACC ever net any high-profile politicians involved in scandals? Yes, small ikan bilis there are many caught. But those involving billions are enjoying the spoils with impunity. Ooop! Immunity.

On Minister: Don't blame MACC

S Vignesvaran: Nazri should resign for the betterment of the Malaysian people and country. He is so arrogant to make such an idiotic statement about the death of a young and responsible citizen.

If he is saying that no one should come to a conclusion, I'm puzzled how he knew that Teoh jumped out of the building even before the investigation starts?

If Teoh was not a suspect, why was he being held up until 4am in the morning? Why the MACC so eager to interrogate a person who was merely providing information, especially involving Pakatan members. If Teoh was a BN member, it will be a different story indeed.