What is Hasan Ali's game plan?

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YOURSAY 'Is he trying to whip up the frenzy of Malay Muslims so that more will flock to support Umno and at the same time driving the non-Muslims from Pakatan?'

Bishop raps Hasan over 'talking Bible'

your say David Dass: There is a sad aspect to all of this. The holy books of all religions can be a source of spirituality for all. No religion teaches hate. No religion teaches violence.

All religions abhor stealing, adultery, rape and killing. All religions worship God even if there are differences in approach and understanding of who God is and what God's purpose for us is.

There was a time when wars were fought in the name of religion. There was a time when conquest meant conversion. But that time is now past.

Many people explore their faith. They read, reflect, discuss, share, pray and ask God for guidance. There are some who cannot believe in what they are told but keep their minds open to the possibility of believing.

There are some who do not believe in the existence of God. Many study of other religions and spend time in ‘ashrams' and monasteries. Religion and politics should be separated. There should be no competition between religions.

Just follow the dictates of your religion. Lead the good life. Be an example to others. Scare-mongering and pitting one faith against another is not the work of good men.

Az: The more Selangor exco Hasan Ali talks, the more he disgraces the Muslims. He should realise that people like him are more likely to cause the problem he claims that exists, rather than anything the Christians do.

FairMind: People don't misunderstand Hasan Ali. If you read properly, Hasan was in fact actually praising the non-Muslims because despite loudspeakers blaring five times a day which can be heard for miles and miles and all the TV and radio programmes talking about Islam daily, the non-Muslims are still rock steady without anyone of them converting to Islam.

Francis_14a3: Hasan Ali is making Pakatan Rakyat looks stupid. It's better for Pakatan to get rid of him or it will suffer a backlash in the GE13. Let him join Umno.

If a simple electronic device can convert a Muslim to Christianity, then I think it's a terrible insult to the Muslims. As a Pakatan supporter, I beg on bended knees to the leaders of Pakatan to remove him immediately.

RR: Firstly, Hasan Ali must be removed from the state executive council if Pakatan wants to maintain its credibility to retain Selangor.

He is bad mouthing Christianity and its leadership with utter lies. He is creating hatred between the religions and innocent people and is undermining the peace in this nation. He should be rightly charged for sedition.

Bishop Paul Tan and other Christian leaders should lodge police reports against him for telling lies after lies, thereby causing hatred amongst the people of this country. Will the police and attorney-general dare charge him? Let's see.

Louis: Bishop Tan, you are simply too good for Hasan Ali. Please engage him in a debate if he dares. Only then the truth will prevail. Otherwise, Hasan will go on telling lies after lies.

I am in total agreement with Bishop Tan - that thus far Hasan Ali has been accusing Christians of converting Muslims and yet could not furnish any evidence.

Malaysian 53: It's good that Bishop Paul Tan has come out to put Hasan Ali in his place. I am surprised why Selangor Pakatan government is still keeping him or is he there at the pleasure of the Selangor sultan?

It is time for PAS to take a good serious look at their representative in the Selangor government. He is thought to be an Umno mole working with all those out to kick Pakatan out of Selangor.

Lynn: You said it, bishop! It really sickens me that these people will just not stop with their stupid misplaced conspiracy theories. If really the Muslim faith is so easily converted, then there will be no more Muslims now, right?

This is completely unrelated - those talking bibles are brilliant and I'm almost 100 percent sure they are used by the older folks who have trouble reading or our blind brothers and sisters. And solar powered to boot!

Mr KJ John: The man is part of a larger plot to seek to recapture Selangor wherein ‘faith' has become pawned to private political interests.

In my experience, the majority of Muslims who have Christians friends do not fear them, but have instead sought to understand, appreciate and maybe even celebrate the common ground of both faiths.

Kim Quek: While Hasan irritates with his continuous spewing of nonsense to crucify Malaysian Christians, I can't help but wonder what his motive behind all this is.

Is he trying to whip up the frenzy of Malay Muslims so that more will flock to support Umno and at the same time driving the non-Muslims from Pakatan? If not, he must be suffering from some kind of religious phobia.

Either way, he must not be allowed to remain as an exco in the Selangor government, before too much damage is inflicted on Islam, Pakatan and the country.

Onyourtoes: "If you weigh your values only in the scales of your belief-system, you emerge, in a plural world, with a view that is so lopsided it makes you daft," opined Bishop Paul Tan.

I have a different view: If you weigh your value (truly and sincerely) in the scales of your belief-system (any major religion), you emerge, in a plural world, with a view that is cosmopolitan, inclusive, humane and tolerance.

So who is this man, Hasan, and what belief-system does he believe?


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