Pakatan hard at work, BN busy spinning

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VOXPOP ‘Poor LGE, after four years, he still doesn't know how to get rich through corrupt practices. What will happen to you when you quit politics?'

'Penang to eradicate poverty by next year'

vox populi small thumbnail Wira: Unfortunately, the Penang budget is small because the state's area of responsibility under the federal constitution is so little. So there is just that little that Lim Guan Eng (LGE) can do.

If Pakatan Rakyat runs Putrajaya after the next general election and with a budget 350 times larger, we can surely expect a lot more - that is, if BN had not cleared out the coffers, leaving us with only debts.

Malaysian First & Last: That's the difference between a hands-on chief minister and an impressively-suited prime minister who does not know where the numbers come from.

I respect a CM who is prepared to get his hands dirty, rather than the PM who throws impressive slogans around and then does otherwise.

Keep it up, at least you tried your best to improve the life of the rakyat and that of the country.

20121221Disaster: Pakatan is working hard, whereas Umno Baru-BN is spinning hard!

Stories: I laud the efforts of Penang to eradicate poverty. However, my concern is that the figure does not factor in the number of dependants (eg, handicapped family members, still schooling children, dependents with medical needs, etc).

It is a good step forward for now, but do continue to raise the benchmark for poverty continuously to keep up with the standard of living.

ACR: At the outset, poverty cannot be eliminated overnight. As LGE mentioned, the state will ensure that no household earns less than RM770 per month.

Anything lower would be topped up. Hence, this is a long-term initiative and not akin to Najib throwing RM500 one-off.

But Telok Bahang assemblyperson Hilmi Yahya of Umno thinks having projects and programmes will alone eradicate poverty. Umno's track record in project management and developmental work is dreadful and it is best that Hilmi bury that idea of his somewhere.

Lamborghini: LGE, just continue to work hard and the rakyat will be with you all the way. You are a good model of what a responsible, diligent and caring leader should be.

You are such a breath of fresh air from the big talk, small mindedness, insensitive actions and the arrogant attitude shown by so many of the BN politicians and/or ministers.

May you and the other Pakatan leaders set an example, and mentor and train more responsible and hardworking leaders who truly work for the benefit of the rakyat.

Kerana Benar: YAB Lim, that's the way forward. Whatever name you are being labelled, ie arrogant, tokong, etc, is not important. What's most important is that you serve the rakyat well, especially the poor.

But don't get too carried away by the support you get. It's always good to be humble.

GE 13: Poor LGE, after four years, he still doesn't know how to get rich through corrupt practices. What will happen to you when you quit politics?

Najib the Delayer's Roman strategy

KiaSi-SiamSai: Writer Yin Shao Loong, you have come up with the assumption that BN has the brains to do this but I beg to differ. They don't have a clue what they are doing.

The people at large have been waiting for the last three years for the general election, and another six months should not be a problem.

The Romans had strong strategists to back them up. On the other hand, BN has morally-tainted generals rather than leaders, such as MCA president Chua Soi Lek, PM Najib Razak, etc.

Swipenter: Najib's foes are getting stronger, not weaker. His allies are thinking of deserting him. Some already did. Scandals old and new are ravishing the credibility of Umno politicians.

Najib has too many enemies within Umno eyeing his seat and he is too weak to fight them head on.

Look at the downward pressure on the price of our precious oil and gas, oil palm, declining electrical and electronic equipment (E&E) exports and capital outflows, our economy is going to face some strong headwinds.

Sarawak and Sabah are no longer that fixed a deposit for BN. How much longer can Najib wait? How much more money can Najib throw to buy votes?

Time is not on his side. There is a good chance for a change of power in Putrajaya come GE13.

Angry_Voter: Thanks for the history lesson. The picture painted makes Najib look bigger than he really is. I don't think it is a fair comparison. What strategy? I think Najib is simply a coward hiding under his wife's ‘sarung'.

Sad Malaysian: Najib is merely delaying the inevitable. But time does not stop. Stagnating is a slow death. Every political party has its own life cycle, and BN's life cycle is nearing the end.

Anon: Hilarious, taking a strategy that failed way back before Christ and applying it to suit an explanation that will make the faithful happy.

There are many stories that also tell of the very common human failing - underestimation. Indeed, do not underestimate BN.

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