Rafizi, be 'very, very careful' on HK trip

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YOURSAY ‘An accountant was sent to Hong Kong to probe the BMF scandal and he was murdered in cold blood a few decades ago.'

Rafizi off to HK on Tuesday with Musa 'evidence'

your say Anonymous_3e21: The only way to bring them down is to hurt them where it hurts the most. Money matters. Block that supply chain, then they are finished.

Furthermore, money laundering is a serious matter internationally, so it will be of interest to Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong to pay serious attention.

Little by little, Malaysians will get to see more dirt coming out, especially with businessperson Deepak Jaikishan and ex-inspector-general of police Musa Hassan confirming what we have always been suspecting.

It is now a matter of when, not if, the brutal regime will be kicked out.

Xtcher: After reading the Malaysiakini news report, I fear that PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli has made a major blunder in announcing his intention to go to Hong Kong.

This gives the Home Ministry the opportunity to stop him and his delegation from leaving the country, just as it has prevented a few other critical citizens from doing so in the past. Anyway, good luck to them.

Selamatkan Malaysia Ku: Rafizi, make sure your new evidence are in safe hands.

Do not check in your evidence on the flight to Hong Kong. Otherwise, it may disappear. Send someone out to Hong Kong first, via Singapore, to deliver the evidence first.

Tidakboleh: Rafizi, fantastic job! But don't disclose your schedule. In Boleh-land, "destroying incriminating evidence" is an official-sanctioned job. Be very, very careful.

Cantabrigian Rafizi: Just watch your back. An accountant was sent to Hong Kong to probe the Bank Bumiputra Malaysia (BMF) scandal and he was murdered in cold blood a few decades ago just to cover up some Umno connections.

Now we have you, another accountant.

Starr: Rafizi, Sabahans will have a lot to thank you if you can succeed in getting ICAC to reopen Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman's file and see justice served.

You should also be made a honourary citizen of Sabah for stopping the "economic sabotage" against the state and its people.

3rdEye: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), what have you to say about this?

You refused - or not cannot - do the job and now Malaysians have to rely on third parties such as Hong Kong's ICAC to work on the case.

For the good of the country, I suggest the privatisation of MACC.

Stu_On: It looks like Rafizi is scared of Pakatan Rakyat losing in the 13 th general election (GE13). This is because if they can't topple Musa, GE13 still be won by BN.

That's why Pakatan is trying to find a strategy that ensures Sabahans reject Musa as chief minister. But all their strategies are not working. So we wait to see what's next in Pakatan's plan.

Abuminable: May the deceitful, the dishonest and debauched be forever banned from public office and stripped off all hereditary privileges across the spectrum. So be it.

Changeagent: The thing I really like about Rafizi is that when he says he has evidence, he really does have evidence.

The National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) and Ampang Line LRT tenders are just some examples where he produced irrefutable proofs against the wrongdoers. Calling a bluff is just not his style. We just have to sit back and enjoy the show.

Anonymous #33877536: Rafizi, we are behind you all the way. Umno feels the Malay power will be destroyed if Umno loses GE13. But you are also a Malay and doing a wonderful job for the country to eradicate corruption,

We pray for your safety. Rafizi, with Malays like you leading the country soon, all Malaysians will be treated fairly in this beloved country of ours.

Dont just talk: Should this Musagate RM40 million scandal happen in Singapore, you can be be sure that the crook will be in court answering to corruption charges.

But in Malaysia, when Umno or BN politicians take commissions, it is not corruption or rasuah , and when caught, it becomes political donation.

Better still, if the money goes direct into an Umno politician's account, when caught, it becomes money meant for community service.

In Selangor, state land sold for RM1 per square foot meant for community centres, hospital and schools, etc, can end up as high-end condominiums or transferred to individual names.

And yet an MCA leader from Selangor saw it fit to say there was nothing wrong in this.

Hyde Tetsuya: The key word here is "alleged" folks. In the past, the investigation had already cleared these allegations.

Sabah BN secretary Abdul Rahman Dahlan had shown the ICAC letter to Malaysian Insider reporters. Why was the letter was not release in public? Simple, it is a private letter intended for the CM.

Good Men: Abdul Rahman, I think you had better just pay more attention to your own constituency rather than spending time defending that ‘vacuum cleaner'.

Yesterday morning, I drove past the Kota Belud roundabout and some very disgruntled voters had put up a banner asking what had happened to the piped water supply that they had been promised.

The banner also said ‘Rakyat KB Menderita'. I reckon your own seat is not so secure, so better look after yourself first and let the voracious ‘greedster' look after his own skin.

Paul Warren: The Hong Kong ICAC may have deferred to either the Malaysian government or MACC to close its case previously.

They now run the risk of being shown to be no different from MACC if, at the next general elections, Umno loses.

Information can then be issued from here that would embarrass ICAC with attempted cover-up. That would be a laugh.

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