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Will 'Allah' drive away non-Muslims from PAS?
Published:  Jan 15, 2013 2:03 AM
Updated: 3:12 AM

YOURSAY 'So shall we vote out PAS? It looks that way if no compromise is reached by the Pakatan coalition. And BN shall win in the end.'

PAS: Non-Muslims can't use 'Allah' in religious texts

your say Multi Racial: In any case, comparing the corrupted and racist BN, I will still vote PAS. I will certainly vote for DAP and PKR.

This is because I believe for a two-party system to survive, I have to vote Pakatan. If not because of having to choose between PAS against Umno, MCA, Gerakan or MIC, I would not have voted for PAS in light of its extremist views.

So PAS, be careful. Even if you win this election, don't be too happy because I will certainly not vote for PAS the next time.

To me voting BN is 10 steps backward. Voting PAS is five steps backward. Voting DAP is 10 steps forward. Voting PKR is five steps forward.

Rick Teo: We are living in the 21st century and here in Malaysia we are fighting over the use of the word ‘Allah'. This country is doomed. It's only matter of time before the country will just be engulfed in racial and religious riots.

Those who can leave, better leave now. This country has nothing to offer for our future generations.

Ad-Astra-per-Aspera: If there were even a sliver of theological justification for the exclusive copyright use of the word ‘Allah' by Muslims, all Islamic countries, including Indonesia, would have enacted legislation a long time ago prohibiting its use by non-Muslims.

But this has not happened, and in Malaysia we are told that such use by non-Muslims would "confuse" Muslims. We don't see Muslims apostatising, but the reverse is true. Ask Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

Anonymous #07988903: PAS, thank you for the confusion. Now you have lost many votes.

But if you do win the election, be assure that the non-Muslims are not necessarily agreeable to your stand. It is because they want to get rid of Umno until you give them enough reasons to vote for them again.

Unspin: It is quite obvious that PAS is trying to appease their right-wing supporters and at the same time steal the thunder from Umno with regard to this ‘Allah' issue.

Unfortunately, PAS' strategy might drive away non-Muslim votes. The big question is whether the gain in Malay/Muslim "lost" votes will be more than the loss in non-Muslim "already in the pocket" votes.

It is rather sad to see Umno and PAS trying to outdo each other on non-issues such as the word ‘Allah'.

I have about 100 Malay/Muslim friends, acquaintances and colleagues and I have not come across a single person who cares a hoot about whether non-Muslims can use the word ‘Allah', or whether the Christians are taking over the country, or whether the Chinese or Indians are ‘pendatangs' who owe the Malays a big favour for being allowed to stay in this country.

The root cause of why Umno continue to believe in their own bullshit is because they have unfairly gerrymandered the electoral boundaries and as a result, the actual sentiment of the majority of Malays are distorted and skewed by a minority of Malays.

In short, if we have free and fair elections, playing the race and religious card will be no longer be a "winning formula" in elections.

Lyn: Do they even realise how insulting it is to be told how I should address my God? I can call my God by any name I deem fit - God, Yahweh, Lord, Father, Abba, Dad, Jesus and Allah, because that is my constitutional right.

If I had somehow got it all wrong, let The Almighty Himself judge me before His heavenly throne when the time comes.

Jean Pierre: What's in a name? Apparently much. And allegedly holy persons from both divides are fighting for form over substance. Much ado about nothing.

Alas a Pandora's box is opened and our country's future is as hazy as the vision in the Oracle.

Ferdtan: So shall we vote out PAS? It looks that way if no compromise is reached by the Pakatan coalition. And BN shall win in the end.

PM Najib Razak and MCA chief Chua Sok Lek, who constantly jeered at PAS, have the last laughs. PAS lost the game by scoring its own goal.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and many of the ‘so-called liberals' who had won in the party election, were popularly elected by the majority of PAS members.

However, it does not hold true for the Syura Council members, though respected by its members, were only appointees and not duly elected to the posts. So who shall the PAS members listen to?

Who have more support? Is it the party president who was duly elected by popular votes or the appointed leaders of the Syura leaders?

Don't take our votes for granted - we are not party members. We vote with conscience, whatever the consequences.

Relevancy: God made the universe. God make sure they have followers. But yet, God created idiots that preaches idiocy. What a wonder world to live in.

After 50 years of Umno double-talk, now we've PAS

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